Mum claims we should change our sheets once a week

22 October 2021, 14:13 | Updated: 22 October 2021, 21:55

Heart reporter

By Heart reporter

How often should you change your bedsheets? One mum has sparked debate after explaining why she changes her bedsheets weekly.

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We all know there's nothing better than fresh clean bedsheets, but there is a general disagreement on how often we should change them.

While some people insist on changing theirs every few days, others are guilty of putting it off for weeks on end.

One mum has sparked debate after revealing that she changes them every week, and gave four reasons why.

Posting to her Instagram @clean_withbecky page, she said: "You need to be changing your bedsheets at least once a week if you have allergies, sweat a lot, sleep naked or sleep with animals in the bed. 

"Husbands and children count as animals."

Becky shared a video to her TikTok page
Becky shared a video to her TikTok page. Picture: TikTok/@clean_withbecky

Her post caused quite a stir, with many people disagreeing with her decision to wash her sheets so often.

One person wrote: "I change mine once or twice a month."

Another added: "Blows my mind people who [do] it fortnightly."

A third said: "Ok who has time to change it three times a week. Weekly is ok, sometime i’m two weeks but NEVER any longer than that, especially in summer."

Becky explained why she changes her sheets every week
Becky explained why she changes her sheets every week. Picture: TikTok/@clean_withbecky

A fourth said they change theirs even more often, with one saying: "I say two to three times a week, I always do it, sometimes everyday."

New York University microbiologist Philip Tierno previously spoke to Business Insider about the the issue, and said that once per week is the ideal amount of time to change your sheets.