The first thing you see in this optical illusion will reveal something about your personality

28 June 2019, 11:03 | Updated: 28 June 2019, 15:05

What do you see in this optical illusion?
What do you see in this optical illusion? Picture: Getty Images
Naomi Bartram

By Naomi Bartram

What do you see in this optical illusion photo? It could say a lot about you...

Prepare to find out something unexpected about yourself, because this optical illusion is said to reveal aspects of your personality based on what you see first.

While you might think you're looking at one picture, it’s actually made up of three elements.

And according to WakeUpYourMind, whichever one you spot the quickest can tell you if you’re flexible or tend to be pushed around.

So, can you see a pair of lips, a cluster of different size trees or maybe a series of roots from the trees burrowing into the ground? Have a look at the picture and pick your element...

1. If you see lips

Surprisingly, if you see lips first, the likelihood is you’re a “simple and calm” person.

Shying away from drama, you like to live life in the middle lane and “always go with the flow”, without being distracted by complications and an “unnecessary movement to find fulfillment”.

Many people see lips first in the optical illusion
Many people see lips first in the optical illusion. Picture: Getty Images

While you’re seen as flexible, wise and honest, some people may perceive you as weak and needing help, but in reality you’re more than capable of solving your own problems.

You’re also the resident agony aunt, as your trusted opinion is often called upon by your family and friends.

2. If you see trees

Unlike those who see lips, if you’re looking at trees or tree trunks, you’re probably louder and an extrovert.

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You care a lot about the opinions of others and can sometimes be overly focussed on what other people think about you.

Politeness is something you live by, but you are also extremely mysterious and it’s hard for other people to know what you’re thinking in social situations.

This also means you’re good at hiding your true emotions, and although you have a large group of ‘friends’ around you - only a few are considered “true and sincere”.

You may seem gentle on the outside, but you’re actually very strong on the inside and strive to get what you want.

The website states: “You are open to all possibilities and results of the future to succeed in everything you imagine.”

3. If you see roots

See a line of plant roots instead? Well, this probably means your quiet and introverted, not liking to draw attention to yourself.

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You are particularly good at accepting constructive criticism and work hard to always better yourself which can inspire people around you.

Seeing tree roots can mean you're introverted
Seeing tree roots can mean you're introverted. Picture: Getty Images

While being independent, focused and responsible while also being extremely disciplined in everything you put your mind to.

WakeUpYourMind states you might be “gentle and sometimes have low self-esteem”, but you’re actually hard-headed and can sometimes be stubborn.

“The people you meet first will think that you are someone very ordinary, without talent or revolutionary qualities,” the site reads.

“However, this impression changes when they get to know you and realize that you are extremely competent and enthusiastic.”