Mysterious optical illusion coffee sign is messing with people's heads

13 June 2019, 15:00 | Updated: 13 June 2019, 15:01

The optical illusion is baffling the internet
The optical illusion is baffling the internet. Picture: Getty/Reddit

The shadow of a sign spelling 'coffee' that appears to be missing the 'f' is baffling Reddit

Reddit users have been left baffled by a mysterious coffee sign whose shadow appears to be missing the letter 'f'.

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The picture, posted to Reddit, shows the word 'Coffee' spelt out in large letters on a wall, and shadows of all the letters apart from one of the 'f's' are visible in the picture.

Can you spot it?

Can you spot it?
Can you spot it? Picture: Reddit

The picture was spotted by Reddit user U/OrangeLimey, and many users were stumped by the optical illusion.

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However, one person thought they'd worked it out, writing: "The f lies in the middle of two rays. Look above the letters and you'll see two lights with our missing f in the center of them.

"The shadow is cancelled out by the intersecting lights."

Another added: "The lights are equally spaced so the shadows of each F at an angle blend together."


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