Baby names most likely to make your child a successful film star revealed

10 February 2020, 10:06 | Updated: 10 February 2020, 10:12

These are the baby names most likely to become famous
These are the baby names most likely to become famous. Picture: Getty/PA Images

The baby names which are most likely to make your son or daughter famous have been revealed.

It’s one of the biggest decisions a parent can make, picking the perfect name for your newborn baby.

So, if you’re struggling to narrow down a moniker for your little one, why not choose something which will give them the best chance at fame?

Well, now a list has been compiled which reveals the top ten names set to make your child a celebrity.

Created by What Are The Odds, experts analysed data such as actors/actresses who have starred in blockbuster hits, as well as running through award winners from BAFTAs, Oscars and Golden Globe awards.

And it’s good news if your little one is called Daniel or Catherine, because these are the two names most likely to find stardom.

Daniel Craig is one of the biggest names in Hollywood
Daniel Craig is one of the biggest names in Hollywood. Picture: PA Images

Famous Daniels include current James Bond, Daniel Craig as well as Harry Potter actor Daniel Radcliffe.

While Katharine Hepburn won four Oscars, two BAFTA awards, one Emmy award and was nominated for 12 Oscars, five BAFTAs, eight Golden Globes, one Grammy, six Emmys and two Tony awards.

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Elsewhere, Adam, Hugh and Michael all top the list, while Chris is also among the top-earners.

As for girls Ellen, Thelma and Emma make the cut, with Emma Watson, Emma Thompson, and Emma Stone among the biggest women actresses in the business.

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Spencer James, founder of, said: “Getting into acting and being successful in the Arts is a massive achievement and a worthy career.

"It’s not just about the money if you make it to the big time however, story-telling through the medium of film or TV can be inspiring and comforting to millions of people around the world.

“Who knows why there’s such a common theme with certain names, but the data does show that people with these names seem to enjoy a great deal of success! There seems to be a lot more to a name than we initially thought, and if it can give people a head start, it might be something worth considering for expectant parents.””

Take a look at the full list below:


1. Daniel

2. Adam

3. Hugh

4. Michael

5. Mark

6. Chris

7. Tom

8. Ryan

9. James

10. Ben


1. Catherine/Katherine

2. Ellen

3. Thelma

4. Emma

5. Jodie

6. Amy

7. Jade

8. Natalie

9. Emily

10. Elizabeth/Elisabeth