Giovanna Fletcher reveals she used to love 'seeing how far she could squirt breastmilk'

9 August 2021, 00:01

Giovanna Fletcher shares some hilarious anecdotes on the first episode of Boob share
Giovanna Fletcher shares some hilarious anecdotes on the first episode of Boob share. Picture: Alamy

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The mum-of-three is the first guest on new podcast Boob Share, and she shared some hilarious motherhood anecdotes, as well as details of a daring costume change to get in to a nightclub...

Giovanna Fletcher is one of our favourite celeb mums - and in a hilarious new interview, she reveals a very naughty trick...

Speaking to new podcast Boob Share, she shared that she couldn't help but see how far she could 'squirt her breastmilk' while nursing her kids.

Gi and her Busted husband star Tom are parents to Buzz, 7, Buddy, 5 and Max, who turns 3 later this month

She told Boob Share presenter Jackie Adedeji: "I think there's a funny period when children arrive where your body is neither here nor there.

"No one really tells you about postpartum body and your boobs. They go up. They go down. The milk... you know, breastfeeding is just a whole other thing.

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Giovanna Fletcher crowned queen of the castle

"I never knew that breastfeeding, there are loads of different holes that your milk comes out. I always thought it was just one hole. Like, there's several holes that your milk comes out of.

"And my favourite thing, I mean, I'm not breastfeeding anymore, was always to see how far how far I could squirt it.

"You know how like boys in the playground you imagine them peeing up walls and stuff, I used to do that with my boobs and it's pretty incredible."

Other highlights from the first Boob Share podcast, co-created with charity CoppaFeel! include the time Giovanna and her pal were refused entry to a beach-themed nightclub... so ducked behind the bins and rearranged their outfits in a VERY daring way!

Giovanna and husband Tom Fletcher have three sons
Giovanna and husband Tom Fletcher have three sons. Picture: Getty

Boob Share is a brand new podcast about boobs, where guys, gals and non binary people talk openly about their relationship with their chest.

Hosted by Jackie Adedeji, she will be joined by different guests of all ages, genders and ethnicities to talk all things boobs and bodies proving that you really do know your body best.

Boob Share is co-created with CoppaFeel!, the UK's only breast cancer awareness charity for young people.

Listen to episode 1 of Boob Share below...