Kids that go to nursery will be 'more intelligent' than those babysat by family

2 October 2018, 16:22 | Updated: 2 October 2018, 16:25

Adorable boy gives thumbs up in preschool
Adorable boy gives thumbs up in preschool. Picture: Getty

Studies reveal that kids who receive early childcare can benefit in terms of their development.

Children who attend early years development or nursery centres are believed to grow up to be more sociable and better behaved compared to those who are babysat by family and friends.

Findings reveal that having a professional supervisor oversee your tot is key in boosting their language and thinking skills, and can ultimately make them more intelligent.

The study consisted of experts from Sorbonne University in Paris monitoring the emotional development of 1,428 children from birth to the age of eight.

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Parents then filled out regular surveys documenting what type of childcare their tot received up until aged three, and kept track of any development issues, such as the ability to make friends, short attention spans and struggling social skills.

Children who received professional care, such as nurseries and creches, performed best, whilst those who had an unqualified childminder came bottom.

Dr Maria Melchior, from Sorbonne University, explained: "Access to high quality childcare in the first years of life may improve children’s emotional and cognitive development, prevent later emotional difficulties and promote prosocial behaviours.”