Mother considers boycotting brother’s wedding after he uninvites her two children to the big day

18 March 2019, 12:41

One woman's brother has uninvited her children to his wedding
One woman's brother has uninvited her children to his wedding. Picture: Getty
Alice Dear

By Alice Dear

One mum has been left upset after her brother uninvited her children to his wedding after the guest list got too big.

A mother has taken to Mumsnet to share her thoughts after her brother took back the invitations for her children to his wedding.

The anonymous woman explained in a forum thread how her children, who are 10, were originally invited to their uncle’s wedding, and were “very excited”.

She explained how they had never been to a wedding before and so it was a “big deal to them”.

However, the mother went on to explain how the children are no longer invited to the wedding because the guest list is “too big” and so there is now a no kid policy.

The decision also means the bride’s cousin’s children are no longer attending as well as other children.

The children are said to have been very excited about the wedding
The children are said to have been very excited about the wedding. Picture: Getty

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The woman wrote on the site: “I know IABU (I am being unreasonable) and it’s their wedding, they can invite who they like but I feel really sad that my kids will miss the wedding of the uncle they idolise and they will be so disappointed that they now can’t come.”

She went on to say how she doesn’t know whether to tell her brother and his bride how upset they are or to "pretend we are all fine with it”.

The mother has even considered giving her brother the job of telling the children they are no longer attending.

She ended the message by writing: “Really I think I just need you all to slap me and tell me to suck it up, it’s their wedding. (Though I really feel like boycotting the whole thing right now!).”

The message has divided opinions, with some people saying they would not attend the wedding, and others respecting the brother’s decision.

One person commented: “Don't go. It is totally unfair to tell children they are invited and then decide not to. Tell your brother you are all going as a family (as originally planned and apparently agreed by him) or none of you are.”

Another responded: “Talk to your brother, be understanding of his choice, but add that the kids were so excited and he needs to talk to them and have that conversation himself. He's chosen to uninvite, he needs to tell those he's uninviting.”