Mum demands other women to 'stop being lazy' and lose baby weight

26 March 2019, 11:38 | Updated: 26 March 2019, 11:44

The mum was prompted to turn her life around after a negative comment from her ex
The mum was prompted to turn her life around after a negative comment from her ex. Picture: Instagram

Belinda Norton, the author of Fit Mama, has almost 55k followers on Instagram

A mum-of-two has slammed mums who don't lose their baby weight, and claimed they should 'stop making excuses' not to do so.

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Belinda Norton, 42, from Brisbane, Australia, claims to be in better shape now than she was in her twenties - and urged other mums that they should stop looking for reasons not to be the same.

She has claimed that she herself was stuck in a rut after piling on three stone during her two pregnancies, but turned her life around by exercising and eating healthily.

Speaking to Kidspot, she said: "I didn't look healthy anymore.

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I’ve gotta say I’m not really sure if my week balanced out or not- I know who lost out though - ugh.. 🙋🏼‍♀️but next week I’ll try harder to review it to ensure I just say ‘no - sorry’ x . I tried hard to remain calm amongst the craziness of back to school and finding time for all requests and personal requirements. ↪️How did you go? Try to make a list of what you need next week to feel balanced/ I’m going to ensure I get to yoga. ➕I believe Mamas personal balance is found in getting at least 1 hour per day to herself. This maybe early morning or afternoon or during the day (lucky you if that’s possible 🙌🏽🙌🏽😘) or at night when the kids are sleeping. This is key to your wellness it is NOT guilty time it is rebalance time and you must have it... #blivewear #healthy #fitmama #newbalanceaustralia #alignment #abs

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"I started to eczema again, and I hadn't had it since I was a kid. My energy was zapped."

Belinda added that she 'made excuses' for not getting her health on track, and had 'succumbed' to her body and motherhood.

She revealed that it was a comment from her then-husband that prompted her to turn her life around, after he laughed when she showed him a picture of a toned woman and said that she could look like that.

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"He just laughed at me and that motivated me to get my health back on track," she said.

Posting online, Belinda urged other mums to do follow her example, saying: "Enough of the self pity. Enough of the excuse list. Enough waiting.

"Because it is truly OK to change as we are all meant to grow and develop ourself.

"For me the biggest change was NOT my belly roll, it's NOT my new found confidence.

"It's my energy and overall health. I used to poison my body daily.

"I did not even know I was doing it. I just ate because I was tired.

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"It was the leftovers from the kids. Plus I didn't get a chance to eat properly, I was too busy with two kids and an endless list. Right??

"Well it was actually... just excuse after excuse. I had a list for myself.

"I believed it too! Until one day - I said enough is enough."