Mum hits back after she's criticised for letting her two-year-old drink from a bottle

21 June 2021, 11:14

The Bachelor's Laura Byrne has hit back at a mum-shamers
The Bachelor's Laura Byrne has hit back at a mum-shamers. Picture: Instagram

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Laura Byrne has been criticised for letting her daughter Marlie-Mae use a bottle at two years old.

A mum has hit back at ‘shamers’ who criticised her for letting her two-year-old use a bottle.

Former Bachelor star Laura Byrne was targeted by online trolls who claimed her daughter Marlie-Mae was ‘too old’ to be drinking from a bottle

The followers sent her a message saying: “Why would you post this? She is way too old for a bottle :/ you're holding her back.”

After sharing a screenshot on Instagram, Laura wrote back: “Holding her back from what? Using a cup?

“Let the kid live, she has her entire life to be a grumpy old cow messaging strangers on Insta.”

The woman continued to criticise her, writing: “What having a dummy and bottle at six is okay?

“What if she was to get picked on?... Just inappropriate for a public forum.”

Laura went on to explain that Marlie-Mae is a ‘happy and healthy little girl’, before adding: “Imagine writing this s**t to someone? The shaming around motherhood is cooked.”

Laura and Matt have two children together
Laura and Matt have two children together. Picture: Instagram

According to the NHS, once your baby is one-year-old, feeding from a bottle should be discouraged.

Their website states: “Comfort sucking from a bottle on sweetened drinks causes tooth decay in young children.

“Drinks flow very slowly through a teat, which means the sugary substance will be in contact with their teeth for longer.” You can find out more here.

Meanwhile, Laura also shares her younger daughter, Lola with her fiancé Matty Johnson.

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The reality star has since revealed she has plans to have more children.

One fan asked the 34-year-old during a Q&A session on Instagram: “Do you think you will want more kids in the future?”

To which she simply responded: “I'm a maniac... yes!”

Opening up about how she juggles being a parent and working, Laura added: “Lola comes to work with me when I'm in the office and Matt has her when Brittany and I podcast, we just make it work.

“It isn't always pretty and we don't always nail it, but it's worth it.”