Mum blasted as ‘ridiculous’ after she claims daughter, four, is too young to peel potatoes alone

4 November 2019, 16:03

A mum has criticised her family for letting her daughter peel potatos
A mum has criticised her family for letting her daughter peel potatos. Picture: Getty Images

Most mums and dads are desperate to get their kids helping out in the kitchen.

One concerned parent has blasted her mother in law for letting her daughter peel potatoes for their dinner.

Writing on forum Mumsnet, the anonymous woman explained she had picked her four-year-old up from her husband’s mum’s house where they were in the middle of cooking egg and chips.

The mum’s sister-in-law then told her that her daughter had "peeled the potatoes all by herself with a potato peeler,” to which the woman asked her daughter: "Are they just having you here to do all the jobs they don't want to do?"

She then went on to say that her little girl had been left to prepare the carrots and parsnips alone, while the grandmother went about cleaning the house.

Is four too young to use a peeler?
Is four too young to use a peeler? Picture: Getty Images

The woman added: "Am I being unreasonable to be narked that my daughter is 4 and a potato peeler is dangerous especially unattended or am I being silly and it's just her growing up?

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"I don't know what to think but I wouldn't personally leave somebody's child or my own unattended peeling my veg."

Obviously, the story sparked an online debate - with many parents calling her ‘overprotective’.

“Worst case she nicks herself. Best case, she’s learned a handy new skill,” said one mum.

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Another wrote: “I think it's fine. My kids used the peeler at that age and I wasn't always in the room. Kids often love to help in the kitchen, especially when they have proper responsibility. Makes them want to rise to the challenge.”

While a third added: “Your post is really ridiculous. To think this way in the first place is a really strange thing.”

A fourth also replied: "I think we always worry about our children but the only way for them to learn is for them to try it.

"Your worry is understandable but they do love to help and as others have said your four-year-old has learnt a new skill."

Later accepting she might have been a touch safety conscious, the original poster added: “Really? Ok maybe I will put her to a few jobs when she's at home too 😂”