How to find out if you qualify for a FREE £150 school uniform grant

25 June 2019, 10:28

Many councils offer a school uniform grant from low income families
Many councils offer a school uniform grant from low income families. Picture: Getty

Parents of school children may be able to get a discount to help cover your school costs - here's how you can apply

Thousands of parents will be able to apply for a discount on school uniform from Sunday to help cover costs.

The School Uniform Grant could get you up to £150 off the bill for the new academic year.

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The Grant is part of the Education Act 1980, and is offered by the Government to help low income families. The benefit is currently compulsory in Scotland - where local authorities pay all qualifying families £100.

Although the grant does exist in some places in England - such as Islington and York - councils are not obliged to pay it.

You can apply from the grant from 30 June
You can apply from the grant from 30 June. Picture: Getty

The Mirror reports that, due to cuts, councils such as Stockton, Cornwall, Cambridgeshire and Northumberland no longer offer the scheme.

However, it is worth checking with your local council to see whether you qualify.

How do I apply for the School Uniform Grant and who qualifies?

If you are on an income less than £16,190, you may be able to apply from 30 June (this Sunday). To find out whether you council offers it, go to

The Education Act says "local authorities must make provision for the clothing of pupils that would otherwise be unable to afford schoolwear" - but it is not compulstory in England.

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If your child attends an Academy, you won't qualify as these are independent.

To claim the grant, you must receive one of these benefits:

Income supportJob seeker's allowance (income based)

Child tax credit - provided you are not entitled to working tax credit

Employment Support allowance (ESA)

State pension - this benefit must be your sole source of income

Support under Part IV of the Immigration and Asylum Act 1999

Universal Credit


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