Fresh anguish for Simon Thomas as son, 8, starts to forget memories of tragic mum

21 March 2019, 07:20 | Updated: 1 April 2019, 08:12

Simon Thomas appeared on Wednesday's This Morning
Simon Thomas appeared on Wednesday's This Morning. Picture: ITV
Emma Gritt

By Emma Gritt

The former Sky Sports presenter has realised that Ethan's day to day memories of Gemma are fading just 16 months after her death.

Simon Thomas is facing fresh heartbreak after realising that his son’s memories of his late mum are fading.

Appearing on Wednesday’s This Morning, the former Sky Sports presenter, 46, explained that an innocent question made him realise that Ethan, 8, is rapidly forgetting the day to day memories of mum Gemma, who died from leukaemia in November 2017.

He said it was being asked if his mum used to make his school packed lunches for him that made him see "Nearly sixteen months later the memories of mum are fading."

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Simon said: "What's been difficult in the last week is beginning to understand that his memories of the everyday with mum are starting to fade.

"School routine was I used to take him down for breakfast then get him dressed, mum would get dressed and she'd do the school run."

"I was doing it the other morning he turned to me and he said, 'Daddy, did you always used to get me dressed in the mornings?'

"'When Mummy was alive did she used to take me to school?'

"Nearly 16 months later his memories of the day to day life with mum are fading and that's so hard to hear."

Simon, who quit his job to care for his son full-time added that Ethan was also a bit confused that he had stopped putting notes in his lunch boxes.

The notes, which he regularly shared photos of on Instagram, contained encouraging and loving messages, or Bible verses to help him get through the day.

He recalled how when he told Ethan that he didn’t think he wanted them anymore, the little boy had replied: “‘Now I want them more than ever.’”

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Simon, who has since found love with Derrina Jebb, was joined on the show by Steve Bland, the husband of tragic BBC presenter Rachel, who died from cancer last September.

Steve is now raising their 3-year-old son Freddy, who has a different understanding of death than Simon’s lad.

He said: "He understands that mummy has gone... but I think he thinks 'died' is a place."

Rachel wrote a book for him to read when he’s older titled For Freddie as a way to help him remember her.

Simon added he doesn’t have a book for Ethan, but "I have got videos, I've got pictures and memories I can write down, which I need to do."