'I won’t give my baby my husband's surname - and his family are furious'

27 January 2022, 10:35

A woman asked for advice over her unborn baby's name
A woman asked for advice over her unborn baby's name. Picture: Getty Images

A woman has been caught in a family argument after saying she wants her unborn child to share her surname.

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An expectant mum has asked for advice after she had a huge argument with her husband.

Taking to Reddit, the anonymous woman explained how she had decided to keep her maiden name after marrying her husband three years ago.

While her partner had agreed that was fine, they discussed that any children they had would take his surname.

But now that the woman is expecting her first baby, she now regrets her decision and wants the little one to share her name.

A pregnant woman has said she wants her son to have her surname
A pregnant woman has said she wants her son to have her surname. Picture: Getty Images

"When I married my husband I kept my maiden name which he was perfectly okay with,” she said.

“We already discussed this and agreed that any future kids we have will automatically take his last name. His family considers this huge deal and I decided to just go with it.”

She continued: "But recently I started thinking about it a lot more and figured that it would be unfair for my unborn son to take my husband's family name and not mine.

“I talked to my family and they said my husband and in-laws are ridiculous to push this on me without a compromise expecting I go with it."

After making up her mind, the new mum broke the news to her husband that she wanted their son to have both their surnames combined, or just hers.

But this didn’t go down well, and the husband was furious, with the post continuing: "He was confused saying we had an agreement and then asked what was the cause of this sudden change of mind.

“I told him and he said I can't just do that and called me selfish when I pointed out that I'm the mother I get a say too.

"We went back and forth on this and he said no way he and his family will let me do this to his son, as if my last name is a disgrace.

“We had a fight and we stopped talking after this. He said that I broke and violated my part of the deal and I should just 'deal' with it now but I won't accept it."

A husband is furious after his wife said she wanted their baby to have her surname
A husband is furious after his wife said she wanted their baby to have her surname. Picture: Getty Images

Unsurprisingly, the post racked up thousands of comments, with one person writing: “I agree with you. I’d be so p***** if my husband spoke about an issue with his family before he spoke to me. Couples should communicate with each other first or somethings wrong.”

Someone else wrote: “Right? Both of them are guilty of letting their family influence their decisions here. Leave Mom and Dad out of it, you’re adults.”

While a third added: “People are allowed to change their mind. That’s the thing, we all continue to evolve. You offered the compromise that it be a hyphenated last name. Seems fair.”

But a fourth hit back: “You literally mention that you’ve had this promise at least since you were married and have both discussed and agreed!

“He is right to be upset knowing you have already agreed and it’s a big deal to his family, which you are aware of.”