'I proposed to my girlfriend at my brother’s wedding and he’s furious'

8 June 2022, 11:27

A man has asked for advice over his proposal
A man has asked for advice over his proposal. Picture: Getty Images

A man has divided opinion after he asked his girlfriend to marry him during his brother's big day.

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A man has asked for advice after he popped the question at his brother’s wedding.

The anonymous Reddit user explained that his family are now furious and even accused him of "ridiculing their wedding."

In a lengthy post, he explained: "We were alone, no one was even paying any attention to us at all because there were 100 people there. I just asked her 'so, beach at sunset... will you marry me?'

"She said yes, we had a good laugh, took a selfie together, and slowly walked back to the site of the reception."

A man proposed to his girlfriend at his brother's wedding
A man proposed to his girlfriend at his brother's wedding. Picture: Getty Images

He went on to say that he decided not tell his family or the wedding guests at the reception, but his fiancee shared photos of the romantic proposal on social media a few days later.

"Two days ago, my girlfriend posted that selfie on her social media, tagged me, and wrote a caption 'finally marrying the love of my life, and a sunset beach proposal!',” the post continued.

"Now everyone who knows us knew it was a sarcastic caption and knew it was more a joking post than anything else.

"My brother and sister-in-law called us very upset hours after that post.

Would you be annoyed if your brother proposed at your wedding
Would you be annoyed if your brother proposed at your wedding. Picture: Getty Images

"My sister-in-law said we ridiculed their wedding with our post, while my brother said I'm an a****** for proposing at someone else's wedding."

The post definitely divided users, with one writing: “I am usually hard no proposing at other’s weddings, but this seems like literally the only time it is ok. Did not steal the spotlight. Off on your own.”

Someone else said: "It sounds like it was a total spur-of-the-moment thing that happened during a private moment away from the rest of the wedding, and they were sensible enough to wait until after the wedding to make the announcement."

But a third person wrote: “I mean, of all the ways to propose at someone else's wedding, this is probably the least tacky. Still, you'd think that in ten years together, you could've found a different occasion.”