Shoppers think mum is NAKED thanks to these weird leggings

30 October 2018, 15:01

Woman shopping in supermarket
Woman shopping in supermarket. Picture: Getty

A viral post shows a woman doing her weekly shop wearing flesh-coloured leggings, but people are convinced she's naked.

A woman has been papped wearing an unfortunate choice of leggings, causing shoppers around her to double-take that she isn't doing her weekly shop completely starkers.

The picture got shared to Facebook and promptly went viral, with many gobsmacked at the flesh-coloured apparel.

We were all so concerned with her pants we didn't notice the 175 month old in the buggy! 😭😭😭😭😭

Posted by Reannon Allison onΒ Sunday, 7 October 2018

The deceptive leggings look so convincingly like her skin that it shocked hundreds of social media users.

One user commented: "Oh my gawwwdd", whilst another wrote: "Not a good look!"

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It is only when people noticed the patterned area around the woman's ankles that they realised she wasn't naked after all.

Clocking what they saw, one person commented: "Does she have LEGGINGS on?? What is around her ankles??", with another offering: "Thought she didn't have pants on till I looked at her ankles".

The woman in question is probably regretting her choice of leggings for that particular shopping spree...

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