‘I refused to swap plane seats with newlyweds on their honeymoon’

1 March 2023, 13:32 | Updated: 1 March 2023, 13:36

A man has asked for advice after he refused to swap sweats with a couple
A man has asked for advice after he refused to swap sweats with a couple. Picture: Getty Images/Alamy
Naomi Bartram

By Naomi Bartram

A plane passenger has been praised after he refused to give up a plane seat for a newlywed couple.

A man has gone viral after he refused to switch seats with newlyweds on a plane.

Taking to Reddit, the anonymous passenger recalled a time he was asked by a couple who were on the way to their honeymoon and wanted to sit together.

“So here's the thing,” he started, continuing: “I booked a window seat and beside me was a lady who is the wife of the guy on the seat in the middle row.

"Apparently they are newlyweds and they want to be seated together. They asked me if they can change seats with me to which I politely refused and gave them my reasons."

A Reddit user has asked for advice
A Reddit user has asked for advice. Picture: Getty Images

One of the reasons he didn’t want to be in the aisle was because of his size and traffic walking past, as he continued: “I always get bumped by someone when I am on the aisle seat.

“One time, my elbow was badly hurt because the trolley hit me. I have avoided the aisle seat ever since.”

He was also taking three flights that day and wanted to ‘sleep and relax’.

Another man on the flight tried to persuade him to change seats and ‘made a scene’, while other people around him gave him ‘dirty looks’.

“I didn't budge and all the people around me, including the crew, looked like they hate me,” he said.

A man has asked for advice after refusing to swap seats
A man has asked for advice after refusing to swap seats. Picture: Getty Images

Reaching out for advice, he added: “In my opinion, if it is your honeymoon, I would assume that you made your reservations in advance.

“Why didn't you book seats where you will be seated together in advance instead of bothering other passengers?”

One Reddit user commented: “You booked your seat specially. Sucks to be them but not your problem. Also seriously, aisle seat guy? Now why couldn't he move?”

Someone else said: “This, if you want specific seats on a flight then book the seats in advance or tough luck, you don't get to bully people out of the seats that you want but didn't book."

A third wrote: “You typically have to pay additional to book your seat in advance these days too—so anyone asking you to essentially pay extra for their seat.”

A fourth added: “I’ve seen flight attendants step in on the behalf of people trying to switch and just ask the plane if anyone is interested in switching. I’ve seen some people volunteer to do so when that’s happened.

“Baseline: Someone else’s lack of planning does not create a problem for OP to solve. NTA.”

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