Parents are buying £25 reusable fabric toilet paper after coronavirus bog roll scare

9 March 2020, 15:32

The reusable toilet roll was shared in an Australian Facebook group
The reusable toilet roll was shared in an Australian Facebook group. Picture: PA + Handmade Australian Textiles/Facebook

The fabric toilet roll is being snapped up across the world as people panic-buy endless toilet roll, leaving shelves empty.

The coronavirus is sending people around the world into panic, with thousands panic-buying endless supplies unnecessarily.

Many have stockpiled tonnes of toilet rolls, leaving shelves completely barren, but some parents have thought of a way around this.

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Toilet rolls are running low in stock across the country
Toilet rolls are running low in stock across the country. Picture: PA

They've been using reusable toilet roll... yes, really!

The £25 eco-friendly fabric toilet paper was highlighted by an Australian mum who shared their idea during the coronavirus panic.

The reusable invention's creator, Eloise Marsh posted to the For the Love of Australian Handmade Facebook group about her solution to the toilet paper crisis.

She wrote: "Introducing washable/reusable non-toilet paper!

"Just to get you by (you could ration your toilet paper and just use this for number ones, leaving your precious toilet paper for number twos) or you could save a bunch of money on toilet paper by using this all the time!"

The toilet roll comes in funky patterns
The toilet roll comes in funky patterns. Picture: Facebook

Each roll is made of 12 squares of pretty printed material with a terry towelling backing that can be wound around your toilet holder.

"Each square has a plastic press stud at each end making it easy to use and easy to roll back after each wash," she explained.

The loo roll is sold on Handmade Australian Textiles and it'll set you back $50 (£25) a roll plus postage.

Not surprisingly, her post attracted lots of attention.

"No different from cloth nappies. Innovative, well done," one person commented.

Another mum added: "I like the invention. People would buy this".

"This is the solution," wrote another.

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