‘I refuse to attend my sister's wedding because it will cost me £600 per day’

27 July 2021, 10:36 | Updated: 27 July 2021, 10:37

A woman has said she won't go to her sister's wedding
A woman has said she won't go to her sister's wedding. Picture: Getty Images/Alamy

Is it unreasonable to ask your family to pay £600 to attend your wedding?

A woman has said she won’t be attending her sister’s wedding because it will set her back £600 per day.

Taking to Reddit, the anonymous user said the big day was set to take place in a lavish hotel, where the guests were expected to stay.

The total cost, including extra fees, would work out at around £600 per night, as the woman explained: "She's getting married in this castle-style hotel.

A woman has refused to pay £800 to attend her sister's wedding
A woman has refused to pay £800 to attend her sister's wedding. Picture: Getty Images

“Very fancy, very expensive, and quite a drive from everyone's home - but she is not booking them for a wedding suite or a wedding package for room rates.

"She has requested both sides of the family pay for the even more luxurious hotel on the beach that cost 600 dollars (£435) a night, per person.

"And to get a suite fit for a family, because they don't provide suitable furniture for kids to sleep on (I checked the website and called) it's an extra 200 (£145) on top of that.”

She went on to explain her sister wants the family to stay there because she booked a photographer to take photos at 8am the morning after the ceremony on the beach the hotel is on.

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The post went on: "My husband and I cannot afford it, it's a huge expense. My sister said we were being unreasonable. I said she was being a bridezilla.

"She told me it's her wedding, a once in a lifetime event, and I should do this for her. I told her I couldn't.

"She told me I should as her sister, as someone who loves her and wants to see her get married.

"I told her that her wedding was not worth going broke over, not when I have two kids to feed, clothe, house, etc.”

An almighty fight then broke out between the siblings and the woman decided she didn’t want to attend at all and neither did her children or husband.

The woman added: "She said I was rude to her (calling her a bridezilla) saying her wedding wasn't worth spending money on."

Would you pay £800 to attend a wedding?
Would you pay £800 to attend a wedding? Picture: Alamy

Unsurprisingly, there were plenty of comments on the post, with one person calling the bride ‘childish’.

"What’s her problem?,” they wrote, continuing: “You literally can't afford it yet she’s still having an attitude.

“Her childish behaviour just proves that she’s not worth going broke over.

"Who would force their guests to pay that much. It’s ridiculous. It’s her wedding, not yours, so you’re not obligated to pay that much."

Someone else said: "I'd actually like to know how many people are going to show up vs how many she invited TBH.

"Expecting everyone to pay thousands JUST TO ATTEND your wedding because you don't want to/won't pay to accommodate everyone is ridiculous.”

A third added: "Trying to live beyond your means is one thing. Demanding that others do it is another.

"She needs to get over herself before the wedding is cancelled altogether. There's no way you're the only one who feels this way."

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