Supermarkets reveal new food and loo roll rationing rules after lockdown panic buying

3 November 2020, 11:18 | Updated: 3 November 2020, 11:26

Some supermarkets have brought back rationing
Some supermarkets have brought back rationing. Picture: PA Images

Tesco and Morrisons are two of the supermarkets which have brought back rationing to essential products.

England is heading for another national lockdown on Thursday, with all non essential shops closing, as well as pubs and restaurants.

And ahead of the impending restrictions, now it seems as though many people are stockpiling food and drink again.

Back in March, supermarket shelves were stripped bare of essentials such as toilet roll, pasta and bread when the UK entered lockdown for the first time.

So to prevent this from happening, some supermarkets have begun reinstating rationing on certain items to stop people from buying much more than they need.

Supermarkets have been warned of stockpiling
Supermarkets have been warned of stockpiling. Picture: PA Images

Which supermarkets are rationing food?


Morrisons began rationing a range of items last week, including toilet roll, bleach, disinfectant and soap, with customers only allowed to buy three of each product at once.

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There is also a limit on sales of larger packs of flour, rice and oil, which are sold in its world foods aisle.

A spokesperson for the supermarket told The Independent: “We are introducing a limit on a small number of key products, such as toilet roll and disinfectant.

“Our stock levels of these products are good but we want to ensure that they are available for everyone.”

Morrisons added that there were plenty of products ‘available for everyone’, so shoppers shouldn’t panic.

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Tesco has also followed suit and introduced restrictions on a certain number of items.

The chain said last Friday that it will be limiting purchases of flour, pasta, baby wipes, antibacterial wipes and toilet paper to three per customer.

Many online sales will also be limited on products including rice and tinned vegetables.

A spokesperson said: “We have good availability, with plenty of stock to go round and we would encourage our customers to shop as normal.”


Waitrose has also announced limits on toilet rolls and hand sanitiser.

People are being stopped from buying more than they need
People are being stopped from buying more than they need. Picture: PA Images

A spokesperson from Waitrose told Country press "We are holding good stock levels in all key product areas and we would like to reassure customers that there is no need to worry about buying more than they need.

"To ensure that customers can get what they need we've set a purchase limit on a small number of items including toilet rolls and hand sanitiser for purchases online and in our shops."

The list also includes dried pasta, flour, eggs and disinfectant.


A spokesperson for Sainsbury’s has revealed there are no plans to place restrictions on products.


A spokesperson for Asda said: "[We have] no plans to bring in any limits or restrictions as yet, we’re not seeing any evidence of ‘panic buying’ at the moment."

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There are currently no restrictions in place.


A spokesperson from Lidl has also confirmed they are not introducing restrictions yet.

They reassured customers they are not experiencing any product shortages and have ‘good availability’ in stores.

Bosses added to Country press: "We hope all customers remain mindful of others when shopping with us to ensure everyone continues to have access to the products they need.

"Nonetheless, it is at our store managers discretion, should customers start to bulk-buy, to limit the purchasing of specific items at that store."

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