The UK's first drive-thru horror maze is opening this Halloween

10 September 2020, 11:32 | Updated: 26 October 2020, 11:25

A spooky maze is coming to the UK
A spooky maze is coming to the UK. Picture: Cylone Events Management

New Halloween event 'Festevil' will leave visitors terrified...

It seems like only yesterday we were ringing in the New Year, but now it’s Halloween in just a few weeks.

And while most of our plans will have to wait until 2021, now one company in Northern Wales has come up with the ultimate COVID-safe spooky maze.

Launching the UK's first ever drive-thru scare maze, Cyclone Events Management has transformed the Rock Park festival site in Wrexham into a terrifying horror experience.

The UK's first drive-thru horror maze is in North Wales
The UK's first drive-thru horror maze is in North Wales. Picture: Cylone Events Management

At the ‘Festevil’, visitors will be treated to a live-action drive-through inspired by some of the most iconic scary films and TV shows in history.

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There will also be lots of amazing special effects to really add to the spookiness.

Judging by the photos, visitors can also expect zombie-like performers scratching at their vehicle windows.

And for anyone worried about staying safe during the pandemic, all staff and actors will be wearing masks, and no one is allowed to leave their cars during the 20-minute journey.

Visitors will have to stay in their cars
Visitors will have to stay in their cars. Picture: Cylone Events Management

This means once your car enters the event, you can’t escape and have to complete the whole mile-long stretch.

The drive-thru will run on various nights between October 16 and November 1 and tickets are on sale from Friday, September 11. You can get hold of one for just £12.50 here.

The recommended age is 16+ due to the actors jumping out, but any age can attend at parents’ discretion.

Cyclone Events Management are known for their spooky events, and previously created scare maze 'THE VOID' back in 2018.

This was a live actor horror walk through attraction in Wrexham which challenged participants to escape before being ‘engulfed by insanity’.

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Taking place at Undegun on Regent Street, the building was transformed into a dark and winding series of rooms and corridors complete with scary actors at every corner.

Organisers at the time said: “It's like nothing you've seen in North Wales before. It's nothing like your usual zombie scare maze.

"We've based it on an old laboratory. The back story is that this AI technology that can enter your dreams and manipulate them to prevent nightmares has taken over the lab and become self aware.

"It's been neglected and is now willing and able to unleash a persons worst fears, phobias and nightmares upon them.

"We've got trained actors, special effects and even anamatronics. Monsters will come out at you when you least expect it. It's a fully immersive experience."

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