‘Disgusting’ video proves why you should wash your hairbrush every two weeks

25 February 2021, 11:13 | Updated: 25 February 2021, 11:18

A hairbrush cleaning video has gone viral on TikTok
A hairbrush cleaning video has gone viral on TikTok. Picture: TikTok: @jessicahaizman
Heart reporter

By Heart reporter

A woman has claimed you should wash your hairbrush every fortnight.

Since spending more time in doors, you might have turned your hand to cleaning areas of the house you never knew existed.

But there’s one item we had no idea we should be washing regularly, and that’s our hairbrush.

In fact, according to one woman, your brush should actually be cleaned once every two weeks.

Taking to TikTok, Jessica Haizman shared a video which sees her washing hers for the first time, and the results are disgusting.

“Ever cleaned your hairbrushes?” she can be heard saying, continuing: “Realistically you’re supposed to clean your hairbrushes once every two weeks.”

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Revealing her method, Jessica told her followers “I started by pulling out as much hair as I could and then I gave them a bath.”

After placing them in the sink, the social media user filled it with water and added baking soda and shampoo.

She then rubbed the soapy water into the brushes and let them soak in it for half an hour, saying: "Immediately the water started turning brown and gross.”

A TikTok user has said you should wash you brushes every two weeks
A TikTok user has said you should wash you brushes every two weeks. Picture: TikTok: @jessicahaizman
A TikTok user revealed how she cleans her hairbrushes
A TikTok user revealed how she cleans her hairbrushes. Picture: TikTok: @jessicahaizman

Jessica added that she doesn’t use hair dye or much product in her hair, before telling her followers: “Make sure to rinse them and let them air dry.”

And fans couldn’t wait to comment on the post, which racked up more than 4000 likes, as one wrote: “I just did this the other day and I did it a very similar way! It grossed me out but I’m happy it’s done.”

"OMG I never thought about doing this. Doing it now," said another while a third added: “I clean mine every two days!”

This comes after another cleaning expert revealed her homemade spray that gets the creases out of her clothes.

Firstly, you’ll need two cups of water and one tablespoon of white vinegar, which will soften the clothes.

Chantel Mila - who goes by the social media name @mama_mila_au - then adds one tablespoon of hair conditioner to relax the clothes fibres and counteract the smell of vinegar.

She then mixes all of the ingredients together and pours in a bottle so she can easily spray it on her creased clothes.

After gently flattening the items, she leaves it to work it’s magic for five minutes.

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