When does Portugal go on the amber list?

4 June 2021, 11:20

When does Portugal move off the green list?
When does Portugal move off the green list? Picture: Getty
Polly Foreman

By Polly Foreman

Portugal on amber list: when does the country leave the green list and what will the rules for travel be?

It was announced on Thursday June 4 that Portugal will soon be moving to the amber travel list.

The country was previously one of the 12 on the UK's green list, meaning people were permitted to go on holiday there without having quarantine on their return home.

After the first green list review, however, it was decided that Portugal, including Madeira and the Azores, would be moving to the amber list following increased concern about a mutation of the Delta variant of coronavirus, which was first identified in India.

Here is your need-to-know on when the rules come in.

Portugal moves to the amber list next Tuesday
Portugal moves to the amber list next Tuesday. Picture: PA

When will Portugal move to the amber list?

Portugal will move from the green to the amber list next Tuesday (June 8) at 4am.

This means that anyone returning to the UK from Portugal after that time will have to quarantine for 10 days on their arrival.

Can I still go on holiday to Portugal?

While travel to amber list countries isn't illegal, the government have stressed that people should only visit them in exceptional circumstances.

Holidays to these countries, therefore, should not go ahead.

Speaking about travel to amber list countries, Boris Johnson previously said: "I think it's very important for people to grasp what an amber list country is: it is not somewhere where you should be going on holiday, let me be very clear about that.

Portugal was previously one of the 12 'green list' countries (stock image)
Portugal was previously one of the 12 'green list' countries (stock image). Picture: Getty

"And if people do go to an amber list country, they absolutely have to for some pressing family or urgent business reason, then please bear in mind that you will have to self-isolate, you'll have to take tests and do your passenger locator form and all the rest of it."

Health Secretary Matt Hancock has also said you should not travel to these countries "unless it’s absolutely necessary, and certainly not for holiday purposes".

Speaking in a recent radio interview, Mr Hancock added: "The red and amber list countries are places that you shouldn’t go to unless you have an absolutely compelling reason."

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What are the rules on travel to amber list countries?

If you do visit an amber list country, there are a set of rules you must stick to.

You must quarantine for 10 days after arriving in the UK from an amber list country. Unlike with red list countries, you are allowed to spend this quarantine period at home, or wherever you are staying.

You must bring a negative Covid test (completed within the last 72 hours) with you to border control when arriving in the UK, or risk a fine. You must also complete a passenger locator form.

Visitors coming from amber list countries must also book and pay for Covid tests to take on days two and eight of your 10 day quarantine period.

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