Who is Jackie Weaver and what has she said about the viral Handforth Parish Council meeting?

5 February 2021, 11:54 | Updated: 5 February 2021, 12:23

Jackie Weaver has now spoken out about the viral Parish Council meeting - here's what she had to say.

If you haven't seen *that* clip of the Handforth Parish Council meeting, we recommend you get onto it pronto.

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The viral video shows a virtual meeting between the council, which descended into absolute chaos after a dispute about who should be running the meeting.

The standout star of the clip was a woman named Jackie Weaver, who has now spoken out about the clip.

Here's your need-to-know about who she is and what went down.

Jackie Weaver has now spoken out about the meeting
Jackie Weaver has now spoken out about the meeting. Picture: PA

Who is Jackie Weaver and what did she do in the meeting?

Jackie is is the meeting clerk from the Cheshire Association of Local Councils.

In the video, she was taking part in a meeting of the Handforth Parish Council.

The meeting, which took place on 10 December, descended into chaos after attendees were heard muttering insults under their breath.

Chairman Brian Tolver refused to recognise the legitimacy of the meeting, and labelled himself 'the clerk'.

Jackie then said: "The chairman simply declared himself clerk and notified everybody of the case.

"There is no way of stopping him from calling himself clerk. Please refer to me as Britney Spears from now on."

Jackie removed him from the meeting after he said: "You have no authority here Jackie Weaver."

Councillor Aled Brewerton, the vice-chairman, then argued that he should take charge, and said: "Read the standing orders - read them and understand them!"

He was also removed to the waiting room.

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The meeting has gone viral
The meeting has gone viral. Picture: PA

What has Jackie Weaver said about the viral video?

Jackie has now spoken out about the video, telling the BBC that she wasn't 'actually sure' who was supposed to be in charge.

She said: "99.99% of council meetings are just not like that, they are often less exciting than we might hope they were.

"Although this has a positive spin for it – most of the time I’m trying to get people to get involved in parish councils. The plus side of this is it’s certainly done that.

"I have had nothing but really lovely positive support from people – who of course condemn the behaviour, no one could not condemn the behaviour."

She also added that there is an element of ‘bullying’ and ‘bad behaviour’ in councils that needs to be tackled, continuing: "We’re passionate about the fact that local government is the mechanism that people can really engage with their local communities."

And responding to the messages labelling her a 'hero', she said: "I’m afraid that when you are being bullied, if you can see that the other person has lost it, there’s a sense of 'I did okay there and held it together'.

"Who was in charge? Of that meeting, I’m not actually sure who was in charge."


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