Woman 'catches husband cheating' after spotting odd detail in selfie

18 February 2021, 10:03

The woman shared her shocking story on TikTok
The woman shared her shocking story on TikTok. Picture: TikTok/shesough

A woman has gone viral on TikTok after claiming that she caught her husband being unfaithful after he sent her a suspicious photo of himself at the casino...

A woman has shared how she seemingly caught her husband 'cheating' after he sent her a selfie with an odd detail visible in the background.

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TikTok user @shesough explained that her husband had told her he was going to the casino for the night, and had sent her a photo of himself supposedly in the bathroom of his suite.

However, when she look closely at the photo, she spotted something suspicious that could indicate that someone else might have been in the room with him...

Can you spot it?
Can you spot it? Picture: TikTok/shesough

She wrote: "My husband sent me pics trying to look all cute in his suite at the casino, but I noticed some odd things, now he is single.

"Can you guess what it is?"

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She then shared two photos, in which his face has been drawn over to protect his identity, and hair straighteners can be seen in the reflection.

Straighteners are visible in the bottom right corner
Straighteners are visible in the bottom right corner. Picture: TikTok/shesough

The video has racked up a whopping four milllion views and has attracted almost 14,000 comments.

One person wrote: "Hair straightener looks pretty sus."

Another added: "Oooofff the straightener and the detangling comb."

A third wrote: "The straightener omgggg."


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