Woman furious after Alexa 'spoils' girlfriend's birthday surprise to Paris

5 August 2021, 10:40 | Updated: 5 August 2021, 11:05

A woman was left fuming about her Amazon Alexa
A woman was left fuming about her Amazon Alexa. Picture: Alamy

A smart speaker spoiled one woman's surprise birthday gift for her partner.

A woman has shared her fury after her smart speaker ruined a surprise birthday treat she was planning.

The anonymous woman took to Reddit to explain that she had been planning an extra special trip for her other half.

"My girlfriend's birthday is in September,” she wrote.

A birthday surprise was spoiled by Alexa
A birthday surprise was spoiled by Alexa. Picture: Alamy

“I thought of the perfect gift: a weekend in Disneyland Paris, she had never been and wanted to go very much. What a match.

"After patting myself on the shoulder for being the best girlfriend for thinking of a great gift, I wrote the date and the activity on my calendar. I'm very bad at keeping my dates right so my phone's calendar is literally my best friend.

"We just moved into our new (and first) apartment and decided to include Alexa in our home.

"She is funny and we are like kids demanding everything to her. I tried out the calendar option ‘Alexa, what do I have to do today?’ She replies ‘Nothing’ because well I'm not that busy on a Sunday.”

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The woman then decided to try out a ‘real answer’ and asked her smart speaker what she was doing on the day of her girlfriend’s birthday.

But Alexa ‘destroyed’ the surprise when she answered: “On this date you have GF birthday + Disneyland”.

The woman continued: “Just like that, my gf who loooooooves surprises, was spoiled by Alexa.

"She was so disappointed in me, I hope she will still come with me!"

An Alexa 'ruined' a woman's birthday surprise
An Alexa 'ruined' a woman's birthday surprise. Picture: Alamy

Reddit users were divided over the incident, with one person writing: "What made you think asking that was a good idea."

Trying to reassure her, a second wrote: “It’s literally still surprising, the timing is just a little off. But could’ve been played off as being on purpose.

“The girlfriend will hopefully still be just as excited and grateful because this was very thoughtful!"

While a third agreed: "I’m still sure she’s happy. That’s still a big surprise, and something to look forward too."

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