Exact date Britain could be 'hotter than Barcelona' as Spring scorcher sweeps the country

21 March 2022, 09:03 | Updated: 22 March 2022, 10:18

Temperatures look set to stay warm this week (stock images)
Temperatures look set to stay warm this week (stock images). Picture: Getty

UK weather: forecasters have predicted that parts of the country could be as much as 5C hotter than Barcelona this week.

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Brits look set to enjoy even more sunshine this week as a 'Spring scorcher' sweeps the country.

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Forecasters have predicted that it could be a whopping 5C hotter than Barcelona in some parts of Britain later this week.

The Mercury hit 20C in Kinlochewe, north-west Scotland, on Saturday, and the DailyStar reports that forecasters at Netweather are predicting a similar warm day tomorrow (Tuesday March 22).

Temperatures could reach as high as 18C in London on Tuesday, and forecasters have said Wednesday could also see similar weather.

Spring sunshine to continue and temperatures to rise in latest Met Office forecast

This weekend saw temperatures soar in parts of the country
This weekend saw temperatures soar in parts of the country. Picture: Alamy

By comparison, the temperature in Barcelona looks set to be around 13C at that time.

A forecaster said: "As the southerly winds continue to push northwards through Tuesday and Wednesday, those temperatures are going to surge significantly.

"Tuesday - a fine day with some sunshine - maybe a few isolated showers developing through the afternoon but most of you will have a dry day though.

"Temperatures will reach a high of 19 degrees C in London, 15 degrees C in Glasgow and 14 degrees C in Belfast."

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Jim Dale, meteorologist for British Weather Services, added that it may even be warmer later in the week.

He said: "We are expecting a very pleasant spell of spring weather.

"It is certainly going to bring the warmest spell of weather so far this year in time for the spring equinox.

"We expect plenty of sunshine through the next week, and there is a chance that we see 21C in parts."