Tricky school maths question has students and parents stumped - can you solve it?

30 October 2020, 14:46 | Updated: 30 October 2020, 14:47

Can you work it out?
Can you work it out? Picture: Getty/

A maths question about crickets have left students in Australia perplexed.

A tricky maths question presented to school kids in Australia has caused quite the stir after students and parents alike struggled to solve it.

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School children in New South Wales were given a question about crickets after changes were made to the 'standard' maths exam.

As reported by The Sun, many have taken to Twitter to vent their frustrations.

After detailing temperature data, students were asked to “calculate the number of chirps expected in a 15-second interval when the temperature is 19° Celsius. Give your answer correct to the nearest whole number”.

Can you figure it out?

The maths exam has left students scratching their heads
The maths exam has left students scratching their heads. Picture:
Can you work out the answer?
Can you work out the answer? Picture:

Many were left stumped by the question, prompting the NSW Education Standards Authority, which sets the exams, to respond.

They told "NESA confirms that all questions asked within the Maths Standard 2 exam were within the scope of the syllabus.

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"All HSC exam papers are designed to differentiate student achievement. NESA will monitor marking of the Maths Standard 2 paper very closely."

They added: "Mathematics education is a priority for the NSW Government."

"The Maths Advanced and Maths Standard 2 papers now include some common questions which are based on shared syllabus content - this year 23 marks were common to the two papers.“The inclusion of common questions enables NESA to better understand student maths abilities across the different maths courses."


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