UK weather: Met Office gives update on when 40C heatwave could hit Britain

18 July 2023, 08:45 | Updated: 1 August 2023, 09:56

Things could be heating up in the UK
Things could be heating up in the UK. Picture: Getty Images/Alamy

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Naomi Bartram

By Naomi Bartram

When is the weather going to improve in the UK? Here's what we know about the Met Office predictions...

While Europe is currently melting in an unbearable heatwave, the same can’t be said for the UK.

In fact, Brits have seen showers and below average temperatures over the past few weeks, with no sign of it stopping.

So, when is the weather improving and will there be a heatwave in the UK? Here’s what the Met Office and British Weather Services forecasters have said…

When is the weather going to improve in the UK?

It looks like we have a while to wait before the sun comes out as the Met Office has predicted things will become more settled in August.

Things have been very wet and windy in the UK over the past few weeks
Things have been very wet and windy in the UK over the past few weeks. Picture: Alamy

Met Office Meteorologist Simon Partridge told Sky News: “The general gist is it will become a little more settled through the week but we are not going to see weather as wet and windy as over the weekend.

"But at the same time there will not be any particularly dry or settled or warm weather either, so things are carrying on for July as they have for the past couple of weeks.”

While we don’t know what August has to bring, British Weather Services meteorologist Jim Dale has said summer could come to a very hot end, with a small chance of 40C heats.

Temperatures have hit 40C in some areas of Spain
Temperatures have hit 40C in some areas of Spain. Picture: Alamy

He said: “There’s still about a 10-per cent chance that we could see a 40C by the end of the summer, the chance is small, but it is there.

“We are currently experiencing an extended period of wetter, cooler weather, but I expect this to change during the last month of summer.

“There is plenty of scope for the UK to see further heatwaves through the season.”

However, the Met Office has confirmed there are lower chances of the mercury reaching as high as last year.

Met Office spokesperson Grahame Madge said there was “no forecast signal” for temperatures to reach 40C.

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“There is no forecast signal for temperatures to reach last year’s threshold this year,” he said.

“The chance of reaching 40C is around one per cent, so it is unlikely in any given year, but of course, it remains feasible.”

This update comes as Europe swelters under extreme heat, with temperatures in the mid to late 40s.

Spain has even seen wildfires breakout, with 4,000 people being evacuated in La Palma.

Called ‘Charon’ after the mythological ferryman of the underworld, 16 cities across the region have issued heat alerts as temperatures surge.