UK Weather Latest: Hope for Brits as August Bank Holiday forecast revealed

15 August 2023, 15:52

Will it be rain or shine this August bank holiday?
Will it be rain or shine this August bank holiday? Picture: Getty

By Hope Wilson

Will the weather be warm this August bank holiday?

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After a wet and windy July, the UK is ready for some sunshine.

The Met Office report that Northern Ireland had their wettest July on record, after the whole of the UK was battered by Storm Antoni in the same month.

Although there have been some hot days this August, the temperatures haven't been as warm as the European heatwave that has been rocking the continent this summer.

What is the weather meant to be like this August bank holiday?

Will it be a hot August bank holiday?
Will it be a hot August bank holiday? Picture: Alamy

As the weather begins to hot up across the UK, there's hope yet for August as temperatures could reach highs of 27 degrees in the coming days.

It's a positive change from the grey and drizzly weather Brits have been enduring this summer.

Met Office Chief Meteorologist Matthew Lehnert explained: "From mid-week, a weak ridge of high pressure will build from the west, providing more settled conditions than of late and allowing temperatures to rise into the low to mid 20s Celsius for many and potentially up to 26 or 27C in isolated spots in the southeast."

In fact, the Met Office is continuing to refresh its weather report for the week of 19th August - 28th August, which includes bank holiday Monday.

It currently states: "Fairly changeable conditions are most likely; a small change of a more settled weather developing early next week which could turn hot in the south, but otherwise a mixture of sunny spells and cloudy weather with showers is the most likely.

"Winds mostly light to moderate, although a change of stronger winds in the far north at times. Temperatures are most likely to be a little above average overall, especially at the start of the period."

It's set to be a rainy bank holiday weekend
It's set to be a rainy bank holiday weekend. Picture: Getty

Despite the cooler weather so far, there is a possibility that the UK could reach temperatures of 40C.

Oli Claydon from the Met Office spoke earlier this year about rising temperatures.

The expert said: "It is evident that the climate is possible to reach 40C in the UK now, as we saw in a number of stations in July last year.

"The likelihood of exceeding it going forward somewhere in the UK in a given year is now increasing due to human-induced climate change."

The UK could see temperatures reach 40C
The UK could see temperatures reach 40C. Picture: Alamy

Oli Claydon added: "So as well as the need to mitigate against future climate change by reducing emissions of greenhouse gases, we're already experiencing the impacts of climate change now, so there's already a need to adapt to the types of weather extremes that we can see in the UK."

The Met Office hasn't predicted what the weather will be like for September, however last year the month was warmer than average.

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