AJ Pritchard reveals to Heart whether he would kiss on a Valentine's first date

14 February 2019, 17:27

The Strictly Come Dancing star headed out on a date with Heart and let us in on all his romantic secrets

AJ Pritchard joined us fresh from the Strictly Come Dancing tour for a special date where we got to grill him on all things Strictly Romancing (get it?)

The Strictly professional sat down with Heart where we asked him to get honest about what would really go on during a first date with the 24-year-old...

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You and your date head somewhere with music but what song would make you get up and dance?

I dont really want to dance! I want to talk, I'm always dancing!

Your phone goes off during dinner...do you check it?

Ignore the phone! I always ignore the phone - if I'm at dinner that's the last thing on my mind!

If I have my Apple Watch on though I might see whose calling...

AJ Pritchard joined Heart on date night
AJ Pritchard joined Heart on date night. Picture: Heart

The drinks are flowing! But how tipsy do you get on the first date?

I'll have one or two drinks on the first date!

A little Disaronno and Diet Coke, maybe a bit of Champagne, Espresso Martini just one or two.

Actually I named quite a lot of drinks there didn't I...

Your date has something in their teeth but do you let them know?

If they've got something in their teeth I have to tell them! I'm gonna be that friend that tells you, not the friend that leaves it and starts looking at you a bit weird.

I'm telling you straight away!

And lastly...would you kiss on the first date?