Amir Khan's dad blasts granddaughter's £75,000 first birthday party as ‘ridiculous’

27 June 2019, 11:17 | Updated: 27 June 2019, 16:03

Amir Khan threw a £75k party for his daughter
Amir Khan threw a £75k party for his daughter. Picture: Bhavna Barratt

Amir Khan’s daughter’s rainforest-themed bash was complete with swinging monkeys and butterfly trees.

Amir Khan’s dad has hit out at his granddaughter's birthday party which reportedly cost a whopping £75k.

Professional boxer Amir and his wife Faryal Makhdoom threw and incredible rainforest themed bash for their second child Alayna who turned one in April.

The couple treated the toddler to an enormous cake, swinging monkeys and even butterfly trees at the Macron Stadium in Bolton.

But Amir's father Shah has now slammed the celebrations as "excessive", reigniting a long-standing feud with his son.

"We were not invited to the party. Amir's siblings and his parents were not there, which is very upsetting,” he told MailOnline.

Amir Khan and his family looked adorable at the party
Amir Khan and his family looked adorable at the party. Picture: Bhavna Barratt
The whole family partied at the lavish venue
The whole family partied at the lavish venue. Picture: Bhavna Barratt

"But it didn't bother him or his wife. An awful lot of money was spent on the party and I feel it could have been better used. It seems a bit excessive to me."

Shah then went on to say that “every parent wants the best for their kids,” but what his son spent was “quite ridiculous”.

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A rep for Amir refused to comment when approached by

Meanwhile, at the venue - which the couple previously hired for their lavish £150k engagement party and their eldest daughter Lamaisah's £100k second birthday - it was decked out to resemble a tropical rainforest.

As well as floor to ceiling palm trees and vibrant stuffed animals dotted around, there was also a tropical printed dance floor with Alayna's name right in the middle.

The four-tiered cake was amazing
The four-tiered cake was amazing. Picture: Bhavna Barratt
The table setting was incredible
The table setting was incredible. Picture: Bhavna Barratt
There were monkey's hanging from the ceiling
There were monkey's hanging from the ceiling. Picture: Bhavna Barratt
Amir's daughter looked adorable at her party
Amir's daughter looked adorable at her party. Picture: Bhavna Barratt

Extravagant tables were lined alongside the dancefloor covered in beautiful bouquets of flowers and dramatic candles.

A four-tiered birthday cake was covered in flowers, leaves and animal print, while lots of other sweet treats surrounded it.

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Lucky guests were also treated to a pop-up van as well as performances from dancers dressed up as animals.

I’m A Celebrity star Amir and his family wore adorable matching outfits with Amir in a printed blazer and pink shirt, while Faryal opted for an embroidered skirt and matching crop top.

Their eldest daughter Lamaisah wore a black dress with a puffed tulle skirt underneath, while the birthday girl was in an off-the-shoulder dress.

Amir and Faryal - who have been married for six years - celebrated their daughter’s birthday two months late as they are busy planning to move out of Bolton down to London by the end of the year.

Amir Khan and Faryal Makhdoom celebrate the first birthday of their daughter Alayna at a Rainforest inspired celebration at the Macron Stadium in Bolton, which was planned and designed by Opulence Events London and Enchanted by Syma. Photos by Bhavna Barratt