Celebs Go Dating viewers in tears as Lauren Goodger reveals she was 'given away' by her mum aged 4

9 August 2019, 10:48

Lauren opened up about her childhood to the experts
Lauren opened up about her childhood to the experts. Picture: E4
Mared Parry

By Mared Parry

The former TOWIE star opened up about her sad childhood.

Lauren Goodger is one of the many stars appearing on this series of Celebs Go Dating, and last night she opened up to the dating experts Paul C Brunson and Anna Williamson about her childhood.

The 32-year-old was discussing how her date went, when the two advisors prompted her to talk about her family.

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Lauren explained as she held back tears that when she was merely four years old, her own mother actually gave her away, but KEPT her brother and sister.

Fans of the show were moved by the Essex girl's story, claiming they'd seen a side to her they hadn't seen before.

She said: "My family are from East London, when I was four my mum gave me to my dad but kept my older brother and sister.

"She said she couldn’t cope with three on her own."

The reality star opened up about a sensitive topic
The reality star opened up about a sensitive topic. Picture: Getty

The devastating story had both Anna and Paul looking tearful, and Lauren added: "For me that was heartbreaking."

Dating guru and professional matchmaker Paul then asked the star: "What do you notice is the commonality between the incident with your mother and all of these guys?"

She then replied candidly: "The only thing I can understand is I felt rejected, that's why I stay in these long relationships when I shouldn't, and no matter how much they put me through, I still stay there for a long time."

The moving conversation pulled on many viewers' heartstrings, with plenty taking to Twitter to air their sympathies towards Lauren.

One said: "Crying at #CelebsGoDating, poor @LaurenGoodger" and another called her "genuine".

Another called the reality star "misunderstood" after the whole incident, and called her "just lush!"

Lauren will be on Celebs Go Dating for the next few weeks at 9pm on E4.