Chanelle Hayes admits years of yo-yo dieting left her balding

5 March 2020, 09:31

Chanelle has been suffering with severe hair loss.
Chanelle has been suffering with severe hair loss. Picture: Instagram / Twitter

The former Big Brother star says her recent hair transplant is the first step in re-building her confidence after crash dieting caused severe hair loss.

Chanelle Hayes has admitted that years of yo-yo dieting left her going bald.

The former Big Brother star, 32, revealed she underwent a hair transplant last week after her fluctuating weight meant she was suffering with severe hair loss.

Opening up about the reason why she decided to opt for the procedure, she told Closer magazine: "I always hated my forehead, but my weight gain and loss has really receded my hairline and thinned out my hair.

"Gaining weight also changed my face.

"So this transplant is just one thing to get me on my way to feeling better about myself."

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Chanelle first confessed she was struggling with thinning and balding back in 2016 when her weight changed dramatically in such a short space of time.

She lost seven stone, plummeting down from fourteen to seven at her lowest, then crept back up to a size 16 – all in just two years.

The mother-of-two shed light on her hair loss ordeal on Loose Women, saying: "My doctor told me I'd done lasting damage and there's nothing I can do to change that.

"My hair is so thin and horrendous from the lack of nutrients, I've got like five real hairs left.

"When I was excessively dieting it got thinner and it's never recovered.

"My nails are in a bad way too - I have to have false ones on because they're too weak and flaky."

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The reality star explained her digestive system had also taken a hit after years of unhealthy bingeing and fasting.

She said: "When I was slim if I just ate some sweets or a bag of chips I'd straight away put on 5lb because my body was so messed up.

"I find because I've been on such extreme diets in the past, if I try to lose weight my body won't react in the same way.

"It's a much slower process now because I've totally messed up my metabolism."

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Chanelle, who first shot to fame in 2007 aged 19, spent 12 hours in surgery getting her hairline brought forwards in a bid to boost her self-esteem.

Her confidence crashed after she was attacked by online trolls over her weight and in January 2019, the star broke down as she discussed the impact it had on her.

She told This Morning: "I am trying really hard to diet, and it is hard, especially with two kids on my own and trying to earn a living...

"I've got the will power of a sloth I've really struggled, what's hurtful is when people say to me, I got a message saying you know you can be slim AND be a mum.

"They're still being said they could say it to anybody, sometimes it really does hit a nerve."

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