Dr Ranj corrects Kerry Katona as she shares 'false information' about coronavirus

26 March 2020, 11:59 | Updated: 26 March 2020, 12:05

Dr Ranj has spoken out on 'fake news' about coornavirus
Dr Ranj has spoken out on 'fake news' about coornavirus. Picture: Instagram

Kerry Katona shared a fake post claiming kids could get separated from parents and taken to hospital alone if they have coronavirus.

Dr Ranj has spoken out on coronavirus 'fake news' after a post claiming that children would be 'taken to hospital alone' if they are thought to have coronavirus.

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Kerry Katona shared a false post reading: "Biggest wake up call ever if your child gets this virus their going to hospital alone in a van with people they don't know to a room they don't know to be with people they don't know.

Kerry Katona has since posted a correction
Kerry Katona has since posted a correction. Picture: PA

"You will be at home without them in their time of need".

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However, Dr Ranj commented saying: "NOT TRUE! See my post on my grid".

Dr Ranj has spoken out on coronavirus 'fake news'
Dr Ranj has spoken out on coronavirus 'fake news'. Picture: Instagram

The TV doctor then shared a post with the correct information alongside the caption: "FACTS ARE FACTS! I've seen lots of confusion & misinformation about kids & #coronavirus recently.

"So here are some facts (based on the latest information from the Royal College Of Paediatrics & Child Health)... #Covid19".

You can read the full post below:

Kerry also shared the original post alongside the caption: "Just been sent this which has the correct information on! Which makes me and I’m sure many others so much better! Being a mother of 5 and my eldest having the symptoms it’s been really scary stay safe people and stay home 😘🙏❤️ thank you to @drranj for sending me this xxx".


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