Emma McVey asks fans for advice as she reveals baby Primrose is still in hospital

23 January 2020, 10:10 | Updated: 23 January 2020, 11:07

Emma has pleaded with her Instagram followers for help with baby Primrose
Emma has pleaded with her Instagram followers for help with baby Primrose. Picture: Instagram

Newborn baby Primrose has been in and out of hospital since she was born in December last year.

Emma McVey has appealed to her followers for advice on her newborn baby Primrose's medical condition, asking fans to get in touch if any of them have had a similar experience with their babies.

Taking to her Instagram stories, she wrote: "Has anyone else's child had Botox in the sphincter muscle to help them go to the toilet? Please can you get in touch if so!

Emma McVey has appealed for help on Instagram
Emma McVey has appealed for help on Instagram. Picture: Instagram

She then added: "To help the sphincter muscle relax not make it tighter... Primrose is not constipated the stool is runny and liquid. She just cannot pass it herself, or wind. This is not a way of life for a baby at all."

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Emma and her fiance Gary Beadle have kept their followers updated on Primrose's condition, revealing that she has been suffering from stomach problems since birth.

She has asked her followers to get in touch if they've had similar experiences
She has asked her followers to get in touch if they've had similar experiences. Picture: Instagram

Gary recently revealed the family were back in hospital, sharing a series of photos of the couple taking it in turns to cradle the baby in hospital.

He wrote: "FFS WE ARE BACK.

"Biopsy and tests praying we get some answers from them".

He then shared a photo of himself holding Primrose, writing: "I demanded Emma go home and get some sleep as that girl would try and go week with no sleep.

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"She has been amazing threw this but she needed sleep so just me and prim at the hospital until me and Emma swap."

He then added: "Hard times but you do what you have to do!! Thank you for all the kind DM's, will keep you's updated best we can."

Emma previously told her followers about Primrose's ill-health, while pleading with companies to stop pestering her to work with them during the difficult time.

She wrote: 'For all companies messaging for posts or chasing posts, please stop until I am back working.

"Just because I am not posting updates for you daily does not mean it's okay to hound me and think everything is okay.  

"We are all going through hell at the minute, not the newborn bubble that's a notable.

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The tiredness. The black eyes.

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Emma added: "Primrose had her sixth hospital appointment yesterday, I am trying to still make Chester's birthday and party the best for him, so work is my last priority right now. 

"Your mum instincts are never wrong, Primrose is everything Chester was in regards to stomach problems plus more and it's absolutely heartbreaking to see."


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