Who are Holly Willoughby's parents? Everything you need to know about mum Lynne and dad Terry

1 May 2020, 12:18

Who are Holly Willoughby's parents?
Who are Holly Willoughby's parents? Picture: Instagram

What has Holly Willoughby said about her parents? And who are Lynne and Terry Willoughby?

Holly Willoughby has become a national treasure thanks to her roles on This Morning and I’m A Celebrity.

But while the 39-year-old often speaks about husband Dan Baldwin and their three children - Harry, 10, Belle, nine, and Chester, five - how much do we know about the rest of her family?

Find out everything about dad Terry and mum Lynne...

Who is Holly Willoughby’s mum?

Holly Willoughby's mum is Lynne Willoughby and she is 71-years-old.

Lynne is often seen on Holly’s Instagram page, where fans compare the two as lookalikes.

Wishing her mother a happy birthday and sharing images of her in a bikini, Holly wrote: "Total and utter mega babe... then and now!!!! My Mumma... 70 today!!! Love you beyond... Happy Birthday beautiful .."

Holly Willoughby sometimes shares photos of her mum on Instagram
Holly Willoughby sometimes shares photos of her mum on Instagram. Picture: Instagram

Who is Holly Willoughby’s dad?

Holly's dad is Terry Willoughby, with the star also sharing photos of the pair together on social media.

Last year, Holly shared a picture with her dad, writing: "Spent yesterday celebrating this ones birthday... Happy birthday Daddy!!!!! Love you so so much... you are THE BEST! ❤️"

Are Holly Willoughby’s parents married?

Holly’s parents are married.

In April 2020, the star shared a sweet throwback picture of Terry and Lynne to mark their 43rd wedding anniversary.

They married back in 1977 and to celebrate this milestone, This Morning host Holly posted a black and white picture of them on their wedding day.

The picture shows the couple kissing, as she wrote next to it: "Happy 43rd wedding anniversary to these love birds... love you Mumma and Dadda!"

Holly has previously opened up about aspiring to her parent’s marriage.

She told The Mirror: "My mum and dad have been together for years and years, and they’re a real team.

"My mum instilled in me that importance of family life and being married to somebody who is a real partner.

"From watching her with my dad over the years, I knew that was something I really wanted for myself."