Holly Willoughby fights back tears on This Morning as she opens up about missing her mum

16 June 2020, 10:32 | Updated: 16 June 2020, 10:36

Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield teared up over emotional family reunion photos.

Holly Willoughby was left emotional on Monday when This Morning played clips of grandparents reuniting with their families. 

The government recently announced new guidelines which allow adults living on their own, or single parents, to form a ‘support bubble’ with another household.

This means that grandparents can reunite with their grandchildren after months apart - as long as they aren’t shielding. 

To mark the huge change in lockdown rules, This Morning aired a montage of families meeting and hugging for the first time in months.

Holly Willoughby opened up about missing her parents
Holly Willoughby opened up about missing her parents. Picture: ITV

Introducing it, 39-year-old Holly said: "So many of you have been in touch over the weekend sharing your videos. Get your tissues is all I can say."

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"We just watched this in the break and it set us off. Here we are."

Later in the show, mum-of-three Holly revealed how much she misses her own family during another set of clips of emotional reunions.

Sharing messages from viewers, Holly said: “Claire says, 'I lost my mum in September last year so these past few months have been hard on us all, but now my dad has become part of our bubble.”

As the show aired an image of Claire's dad hugging his grandchildren, Holly added: “Oh my gosh I can feel that hug.”

She then emotionally added: “I'm so jealous. I just feel like, I know it's so lovely and I'm so happy for them, but I just want to hug my mum so bad and my dad.”

Following another sweet family photo, 58-year-old Phillip said: "Oh I feel a bit teary," to which Holly replied: "I know, I know, it's because it's what we want isn't it, people have been waiting for so long."

And it looks like they weren’t the only ones feeling emotional, as one viewer Tweeted: "Crying watching @thismorning Families Reunited."

"Seeing all of the family reunions after spending months apart has made me so emotional,” said another.

While a third added: "I can't imagine what it must have been like for Grandchildren to not be able to see their Grandparents for months! x."

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