Instagram model begs fans to help pay for her breast implants to be removed

18 April 2019, 11:04 | Updated: 18 April 2019, 11:47

She claims her implants have left her in 'intense pain'
She claims her implants have left her in 'intense pain'. Picture: Instagram

Mayela Caldera is crowdfunding to pay for surgery to remove her 'painful' breast implants

An Instagram influencer with 31,400 followers has asked her fans for help raising money to pay for her to get her breast implants removed.

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Mayela Caldera, who is from Venuzueala but now lives in the US, is asking her followers to help pay for the $12,000 (£9,180) op as she claims that the 'intense pain' that her implants have left her in have rendered her unable to work.

She wrote on her GoFundMe: "I know that many of you do not know me and do not know the difficult situation that I am going through, that I have seen the need to create this account because I must have an emergency operation.

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"I have neuropathy caused by the left mammary implant moved approximately 4 cm To the left is stepping on a nerve that is between the ribs and connects back and arm, the pain is as intense as that of the sciatic nerve and it is very likely that part of the silicone be attached to it, if so, the doctor must remove part of the nerve and this would cause the loss of sensitivity of my left side.

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"They should make me reconstruction of the previous work that according to the doctor was not done correctly triggering all these complications. I asked the doctor to remove the implants and leave me alive but I would have to undergo another surgery after about 6 weeks of removing the implants, and because of my condition it is better to replace them with new breast implants."

Speaking about her current implants, she continues: "In addition to other factors, such as pain in the chest, back and immobility of the arm, I continuously feel stitches as if they were burning inside. This health complication has me emotionally affected, I present fatigue, fever, dizziness, low tension, weakness, among other symptoms preventing me from being able to start working."

You can donate to the GoFundMe here.

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