Jeremy Clarkson shouted at by furious shopper after forgetting to wear a face mask

17 August 2020, 08:20 | Updated: 17 August 2020, 08:22

Jeremy Clarkson has revealed he was verbally attacked
Jeremy Clarkson has revealed he was verbally attacked. Picture: Instagram/PA Images

Former Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson accidentally left his face covering at home.

Jeremy Clarkson has revealed he was screamed at by an angry passer-by after he forgot to wear a mask.

Last month, government rules made it compulsory for everyone in the UK to wear face coverings in shops, banks and takeaways, with some exemptions.

Former Top Gear presenter Jeremy explained that he had popped to the paper shop, but accidentally left his mask at home.

He was then told off by a random member of the public when they spotted he wasn’t wearing one.

Jeremy Clarkson has revealed he was screamed at by a shopper
Jeremy Clarkson has revealed he was screamed at by a shopper. Picture: PA Images

Writing in The Times, 60-year-old Jeremy said: "Britain is becoming very bitter for some reason.

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"Last weekend I went to the paper shop and remembered most of the things I now need for such a trip: spectacles, phone, hearing aid, tin of boiled sweets, gazetteer and a list of the papers I like to buy when I arrive. But I forgot my mask.

"In the olden days, when there was Enid Blyton and local bobbies gave apple scrumpers a clip round the ear, people would have forgiven a 60-year-old for making such a mistake. But not any more."

Jeremy continued: "A man leapt from his 10-year-old Toyota to do some remonstrating.

"'Do you not need a mask because you're on television?’ he bellowed. And he hadn't finished.

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"In fact his lecture, padded out with much profanity, was so lengthy that I never got the chance to interrupt and point out that he wasn't wearing a mask either. We see this sort of thing all the time."

Jeremy has been spending time with his girlfriend Lisa Hogan during lockdown, however he was recently tipped to be joining the I’m A Celebrity line up.

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Bookmakers at Coral gave the star odds of 2/1 to appear, with Jeremy previously admitting he would have to be paid £100,000 to accept a place on the show.

It was recently revealed that I’m A Celeb will be taking place in Wales this year, due to coronavirus travel restrictions in Australia.

So maybe bosses will be willing to pay stars a little bit more this year to entice them to a wet and windy few weeks in the UK.

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