Joel Dommett has hilarious tactic to keep Masked Singer celebs a secret

5 April 2022, 13:55 | Updated: 5 April 2022, 14:24

Joel Dommett reveals how he keeps The Masked Singer secrets from wife Hannah Cooper

Naomi Bartram

By Naomi Bartram

The Masked Singer host Joel Dommett has revealed how he manages to keep the identity of the characters a secret from his wife Hannah Cooper.

Joel Dommett has told us exactly how he manages to keep The Masked Singer characters a secret.

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The bizarre reality show sees celebrities take to the stage to perform musical numbers while dressed in elaborate costumes, while viewers and the judges have to guess who is behind the mask.

And speaking to us exclusively at Heart.co.uk, host Joel, 36, revealed that he doesn't tell his wife Hannah Cooper who is taking part.

Joel Dommett has hosted all three series' of The Masked Singer UK
Joel Dommett has hosted all three series' of The Masked Singer UK. Picture: ITV

Chatting alongside Hannah, 31, Joel said: “I always say that annoying thing, ‘not telling, not telling, not telling’.”

He continued: “I’m very aware now after three series, people want to know, but when you tell them they don’t actually want to know.

“They want to enjoy the show without knowing, because if you tell all of the people it’s not that fun to watch.

“It’s so fun trying to be like ‘who’s voice is that?’ and that feeling carries the whole show and makes it so hard to watch, so if you know immediately it just ruins it.

“People shout at me in the street - ‘who’s Traffic Cone?’ and i just say ‘I’m not telling you, sir!’”

Joel Dommett and Hannah Cooper have started their own podcast Never Have I Ever
Joel Dommett and Hannah Cooper have started their own podcast Never Have I Ever. Picture: Instagram

Hannah jokingly added Joel ‘forgets’ who has taken part after filming, before admitting she tries to get the truth out of him.

Joel and Hannah recently launched their brand new podcast on Global Player, Never Have I Ever, which sees them trying out things they’ve never done before.

Each episode sees them take on new experiences together in a bid to keep their relationship exciting.

Opening up about the inspiration behind the podcast, Hannah told us it was lockdown that started the idea.

“We got married just before lockdown so we were talking about all the things we hadn't done as a couple and wanted to do,” she said.

Joel Dommett and Hannah Cooper reveal why they started new podcast Never Have I Ever

“We had random conversations that made us realise we still have so much to do, so we thought we must make a podcast and do them all.”

Joel added: “We thought because we wrote these things we wanted to do together, we knew we werent going to do them unless we had some sort of contractual obligation.

“We were like ‘okay let’s do it as a podcast and it will force us to do these things and document it and talk about it for the listeners’.”

He continued: “I'm genuinely not just saying this but we’ve enjoyed it so much, doing the things have been so fun because it's things we’ve never done before.

“And recording the podcast has been so fun. We’ve learnt a lot. It’s been genuinely good for our relationship to give us something to talk about.”

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