Jonathan Ross' daughter Honey speaks out on body confidence and activism

26 February 2020, 11:50 | Updated: 26 February 2020, 12:15

Honey Ross, 22, appeared on Lorraine to speak about her body confidence issues she has faced since being in the spotlight.

Jonathan Ross' daughter Honey has revealed that she is now 'more confident than her thin friends' after battling with body confidence issues for years in a 'toxic' industry.

The 22-year-old revealed that three of her friends 'came close to death' after battling eating disorders, and that she is happy in her own skin despite not having a body that 'society likes'.

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Speaking on Lorraine, she said: 'I knew countless boys with eating disorders, but in my group three of my friends had really life-threatening eating disorders. 

"My friends were close to death, but people were going, 'Yeah but she's too fat'. There's no way of winning as a woman." 

Honey Ross opened up about body confidence issues to Lorraine
Honey Ross opened up about body confidence issues to Lorraine. Picture: Shutterstock

She added: "We all grew up the same diet culture', said Honey, 'I grew up in this industry, which is quite toxic and I never saw people who looked like me.

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"I always saw people doing fad diets, I grew up around that. Whether my parents intended me too or not, you can only do so much."

She added that she felt pressure to slim down, and that she was treated differently when she put on weight.

"I went from being a normal child and I put on weight and suddenly I got a lot of pity.

"I got people saying 'Are you going to take her to the gym? Put her on a diet?' People think they're doing the kind thing, when actually it's so damaging."

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When Lorraine asked Honey what parents should do if their child is overweight, she replied: "Love and support them. 

"You don't need to tell your child to go on a diet, if you want to exercise, don't do it to justify a cupcake - life is very short.

"I think compassion and kindness are the most incredible gifts to give a child and even if you do want them to lose weight, when has shaming ever been a motivator?" 


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