Katie Price's 'Harvey's Law' wins backing of MPs in fight to make trolling a crime

22 January 2019, 12:04 | Updated: 22 January 2019, 12:38

Katie Price is one step closer to making Harvey's Law a reality
Katie Price is one step closer to making Harvey's Law a reality. Picture: PA

The glamour model is campaigning for the spreading of hate online to be made illegal in UK law.

Katie Price is one step closer to getting Harvey's Law through the British legal system.

The former model and reality TV star has made it her mission to pass the law making online hatred illegal on behalf of her son Harvey, 16, due to the trolling aimed at him on social media.

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The House of Commons Petitions Committee has agreed with the 40-year-old mum of five that the current laws around the issue of hatred online aren't "fit for purpose".

Speaking directly to the Petitions Committee in February in 2018 she said: "Out of all of my five children the online abuse is only at one of my children.

"He gets mocked for his size, the way his eyes are, the colour of his skin and I kept reporting people and other people would report people.

"It kept going on and on. What goes through peoples heads to want to do this about an innocent child that can't reply back?

"Online is the future and I think there needs to be security."

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Committee chair Helen Jones MP said: "The law on online abuse is not fit for purpose and it is truly shameful that disabled people have been forced off social media while their abusers face no consequences."

"There is no excuse for the continued failure to make online platforms as safe for disabled people. Self-regulation has failed disabled people and the law must change to ensure more lives are not destroyed."

Number 10 have even teased that Theresa May could back Katie's law and issued a statement which said "broad action is taking place".