Who is Matthew Wright? Baby and wife and fertility struggle revealed as he welcomes child

13 February 2019, 16:11 | Updated: 13 February 2019, 16:54

Matthew Wright and his wife Amelia Gette
Matthew Wright and his wife Amelia Gette. Picture: Getty

Matthew Wright used to present The Wright Stuff on Channel 5 - his age, wife, baby and job revealed.

Matthew Wright recently introduced his adorable new baby to the world on live TV while appearing on Lorraine with his wife Amelia.

The former The Wright Stuff presenter spoke candidly to Lorraine Kelly about the birth of his first baby, who arrived after an eight year fertility battle.

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Who is Matthew Wright? What's his age and job?

Matthew, 53, is a television presenter and journalist from Surrey.

He started out his career as a tabloid journalist, and has worked at The Sun and the Daily Mirror, leaving the latter in 2000 to pursue a TV career. It was then that he was chosen to front Channel 5's The Wright Stuff.

Who is Matthew Wright's wife?

Matthew is married to Amelia Gatte
Matthew is married to Amelia Gatte. Picture: Getty

Matthew married Amelia Gatte in 2010 after meeting her at a garden party. He was previously married to Closer magazine columnist Caroline Monk.

What's Matthew Wright's baby's name?

Matthew and Amelia welcomed baby Cassady into the world earlier this year, and the couple introduced her on Lorraine on 13/2/19.

While chatting to Lorraine Kelly, Matthew admitted he almost missed the birth, saying: “I nearly missed it. She was always due to be a Caesarean because of the ectopic Amelia had a long time ago.

“[But] Amelia started developing some of the signs of preeclampsia, quite swollen fingers."

Matthew introduced baby Cassady into the world on Lorraine
Matthew introduced baby Cassady into the world on Lorraine. Picture: ITV

He continued: “I get in the cab to go home and the text is 'we are having the baby now'.

“Through the traffic, heavy traffic jams, I put on the fancy dress outfit with the funny hat and everything, there's a man with a big needle. 

“On we go! Twenty minutes later I’m cutting the chord for little Cassady!”

And Amelia added: “I’m bouncing back, feeling good. To finally have her and hold her in my arms after all that time trying. It’s just like a dream. 

“I’m so happy. She’s such a good baby so far. You fall in love again, with your baby, with your husband, with your life. She’s perfect.”

Matthew Wright and Amelia Gatte's fertility struggle

Baby Cassady was born following an eight year fertility struggle for the couple.

Matthew previously opened up about their struggle, saying: "Some of you will know, that we’ve been trying through IVF after she had an ectopic [pregnancy] and it tore her up inside. It was all very awful,"

"We’ve been trying on IVF for eight years, and she gets pregnant each time, but then miscarries at 11 or 12 weeks."