McFly star Harry Judd and wife Izzy announce they're expecting third child together

26 April 2021, 08:49

Harry Judd and his wife Izzy are expecting their third child
Harry Judd and his wife Izzy are expecting their third child. Picture: Instagram
Naomi Bartram

By Naomi Bartram

Izzy and Harry Judd have announced their surprise pregnancy.

Congratulations are in order because Harry Judd and his wife Izzy are expecting their third child together.

The couple are already parents to daughter Lola, five, and son Kit, three, and are over the moon to be welcoming a new family member.

Opening up about the moment she realised she was pregnant, violinist Izzy, 37, told Hello! magazine: “When we found out, I did feel panic.

“We have all been living in fear of this virus and we’ve been so careful for over a year, so it is a shock when numbers are low and I’m pregnant.”

Harry and Izzy Judd with their two children
Harry and Izzy Judd with their two children. Picture: PA Images

Harry, 35, said: “When Lola was born, I was a blubbering mess and with Kit, I cried too. They are the most emotional moments of my life for sure.”

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On sharing the exciting news with his McFly bandmate Tom Fletcher, Harry added: “Tom cried. Tom always cries. I didn't even cry when I found out.”

Their third baby is due in October, with the couple excited to find out the gender of the little one in a few weeks time.

This comes after Izzy has previously opened up about her IVF journey in her book 'Dare To Dream'.

In 2014, their first round of treatment ended in a devastating miscarriage, but the couple fell pregnant with Lola on their second attempt.

Izzy then naturally fell pregnant with their son Kit in 2017, with the couple conceiving naturally again this time around.

The expectant mum suffers with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, a condition that affects a woman's oestrogen and progesterone levels.

She found out that she had trouble conceiving not long after marrying musician Harry in 2012.

Last year, Izzy opened up on her journey to motherhood in a powerful documentary about miscarriages.

In a clip from the documentary, she said: “After the miscarriage, I wanted to escape me almost. What did I do wrong? Had I tempted fate by having IVF?

“Was I not meant to be a mum and now did I have a bigger problem in that not only could I not get pregnant but could I not carry babies?”

“You can’t help but feel responsibility, you think cant help but think what if I can’t give harry a family what if I can’t give his mum and dad grandchildren what if i can’t give my mum and dad grandparents.”

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