Paddy McGuinness ‘turned down major Coronation Street role’ but says he'd 'consider a short stint'

8 March 2020, 16:55

Paddy McGuinness confessed he almost became a soap star.
Paddy McGuinness confessed he almost became a soap star. Picture: Getty / Twitter

The Take Me Out host admitted he turned down the "big part" over fears he would be typecast for the rest of his career.

Paddy McGuinness has revealed he turned down a major role in Coronation Street for fears he would be stuck working in soaps forever – and doesn't regret his decision.

The Take Me Out host, 46, admitted he worried he would be typecast for his entire career if he took the job at ITV a decade ago, but says he now would love a "short stint" on the long-running show.

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The comedian turned down the soap role for fears he would be typecast.
The comedian turned down the soap role for fears he would be typecast. Picture: Getty

The comedian, whose wife Christine recently confessed parenting three autistic children makes their marriage tricky at times, told the Daily Star Sunday: "I was offered Coronation Street about 10 or 15 years ago.

"It was a big part and a character that was in it for a long, long time - I won't say which one. At the time I thought, 'That's a steady job and everyone knows it.'

"But my agent said, 'Don't do it, because that would be it'.

"Back in those days it was really difficult to get a job outside of soaps. I've got to say that's one of the best bits of advice I've ever had because I'm sitting here now talking to you and everything's nice."

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The Bolton-born funnyman, who rose to fame with comedy pal Peter Kay on their hit show Phoenix Nights, did end up gracing the cobbles in 2015 after he agreed to play the role of survival expert Dougie Ryan.

Speaking of his starring role, he added: "A couple of years back. I sat down with someone at ITV and said, 'If I can develop the character and have a hand in writing it, I'll do it.'

"We agreed on a character called Dougie. He was in it for a week. I liked that because I could have fun with it."

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Despite only popping into Weatherfield for a week, Paddy insists he would love to make his return to Coronation Street at some point in the future.

He said: "I absolutely loved it. I love that character and if something came around again I'd definitely look at it. Maybe again as a short stint."