Stacey Solomon breaks down in tears as she opens up about parents’ divorce

5 November 2021, 08:45 | Updated: 5 November 2021, 13:37

Joe Swash and Rex gear up to watch Stacey Solomon’s BBC show

Loose Women's Stacey Solomon opened up about her childhood on TV show Sort Your Life Out.

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Stacey Solomon was seen breaking down in tears last night during the first episode of her new TV show Sort Your Life Out.

The 32-year-old visited the house of single mum Stephanie and her three daughters to help her organise items from her wedding.

Steph had been keeping the items in her loft ever since she split from her husband Josh, but said she wanted to keep some bits to show her kids when they were older.

Stacey Solomon broke down in tears on Sort Your Life Out
Stacey Solomon broke down in tears on Sort Your Life Out. Picture: BBC

Loose Women star Stacey found the story very emotional, admitting she wished her own mum had stored some items from her marriage.

She told the camera: "To be able to save really painful memories for her, which could be massive chunks for answers to her children's questions is a really selfless thing to do.

"I almost get really sad; when my mum and dad got divorced, my mum let go of everything. I've never seen my mum's wedding dress and wedding photos.

"I definitely almost have a jealousy of watching the girls see all their parents photos and stuff."

Stacey Solomon thanked fans for their support during the show
Stacey Solomon thanked fans for their support during the show. Picture: Instagram

As Stephanie was seen crying, Stacey comforted her before breaking down in tears herself.

"I'm so emotional,” she said, continuing: “What is is, I really love them people as well - they're the most gorgeous family.

"You can see Steph has devoted her life to these kids, she's so lovely, this whole day has just got me."

Stacey’s parents - Fiona and David - split up when she was nine years old.

Back on the show, Stacey and her team were able to help the family by decluttering their home and donating any unwanted items.

Sort Your Life Out debuted on BBC One last April, before it was commissioned for a full series.

Stacey and her team of experts, organiser Dilly, carpenter Rob and cleaner Iwan, help families totally reorganise their home.

The star filmed the series before she gave birth to newborn daughter Rose with fiancé Joe Swash.

Opening up about Joe’s cleaning habits, Stacey admitted: "My partner could live with mess everywhere and he doesn't even see it and it actually upsets me to the point where it makes me feel down.”

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