Stacey Solomon shares financial struggles she faced after becoming a mum at 17

30 May 2022, 11:16

Stacey Solomon admits benefits 'saved her life' after she gave birth to Zachary

Stacey has opened up about the struggles she faced after giving birth to Zachary in 2008.

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Stacey Solomon has shared the financial struggles she faced after becoming a mum at 17.

The Loose Women star, now a 32-year-old mother of four, gave birth to her first son Zachary in 2008.

She opened up about how government benefits 'saved her life' on last Friday's episode of Loose Women.

Stacey said that she was given a Sure Start Grant, which provided mothers with financial aid to help with a new baby.

"I was given a Sure Start Grant, which is what it was called at the time, and I can't tell you how much that saved my life," she told her fellow panelists.

Stacey gave birth to Zachary when she was 17
Stacey gave birth to Zachary when she was 17. Picture: Instagram/Stacey Solomon

"My working tax credits saved our lives, we could not have got by without those.

"The milk tokens that we used to get, to help us buy SMA and milk and stuff from the shops that we couldn't afford," she added.

Zachary recently celebrated his 14th birthday, and Stacey shared a sweet video on Instagram to make the occasion.

“Happy Birthday Zachary 🖤 ,” Stacey wrote.

“It definitely wasn’t a coincidence 😭 The truth is you changed my whole life. I could never have comprehended the light and love you would bring.

“At 17 years old the things they said about us, what they didn’t know was that you were my beginning, my reason, my sole purpose to get up and do my absolute best.

Stacey now has four children
Stacey now has four children. Picture: Instagram/Stacey Solomon

“And you’ve been by my side ever since. It would never have turned out this way without you.

“Zachary I’m so proud of the man you are becoming and the kind, caring, amazing person that you are.”

She added: “We did it Zachy. 14 years my darling boy 😭 to the moon and back forever & always 🖤”.

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