Stacey Solomon shocks fans as she puts up Christmas tree six weeks early

9 November 2022, 13:16

Stacey Solomon has revealed she's put her Christmas tree up
Stacey Solomon has revealed she's put her Christmas tree up. Picture: Instagram
Naomi Bartram

By Naomi Bartram

Is it too early? Stacey Solomon fans spotted a Christmas tree in the star's brand new office.

Stacey Solomon has divided fans after she dug out her Christmas tree six weeks before the big day.

The 33-year-old took to her Instagram to chat about the very productive day she’d had after finishing all her emails.

But in the next post, she shared a message that had been sent to her DMs which read: "Please tell me that's a Christmas tree."

Stacey then told her followers: "Your messages are cracking me up! Yes that was a Christmas tree in the background of my last video but I promise I haven't started decorating yet...

Stacey Solomon with a Christmas tree in the back of her shot
Stacey Solomon with a Christmas tree in the back of her shot. Picture: Instagram

"I put it up because I really want to forage Christmas this year."

She explained: "I want to try and make all my decorations out of things I already have and things I can find in the garden (or someone else's garden) because I love making stuff so so much and I've collected so much over the years."

Stacey added: "It seems a waste to buy anything new but it is nice to change a little each year. Also, I know so many people find Christmas expensive anyway, so I thought I would try to find as many ways to decorate for next to nothing as possible this year and maybe we can share ideas and have fun with it."

This comes after the Loose Women star started decorating her tree seven weeks early last year as she couldn’t wait to celebrate her first Christmas in Pickle Cottage.

But Stacey was less than impressed with her 2021 tree, and even described it as ‘the worst on Instagram’.

Stacey Solomon shows off her Christmas tree on Instagram
Stacey Solomon shows off her Christmas tree on Instagram. Picture: Instagram

She said at the time: "I'm looking at my tree and cracking myself up because I'm fully aware this is probably the worst tree on Instagram.

"But look at the shape of it and I've had a baby (my excuse for everything)."

Stacey didn't let her disappointment in the tree stop her from posting some adorable photos of her kids sitting in front of it, and she shared a selection featuring her kids, Zachary, 14, Leighton, 10, Rex, three, and one-year-old Rose.

Stacey wrote: "Cheese fest I know but there’s nothing I love more than their smiley faces and matching pjs. Joe doesn’t love the pjs as much as me but he goes with it G-d love him and I’m grateful.

"It’s taken me three days to decorate this tree even though it looks like it took about three minutes but I love it so much."

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