‘I wanted Christmas nails but people say they look like bricks’

8 November 2022, 11:45 | Updated: 9 November 2022, 09:07

Man goes viral on TikTok over Christmas nails

One man has gone viral after he shared a video of his Christmas inspired nails on TikTok.

With Halloween out of the way, Christmas is well and truly around the corner.

And to help get him in the festive spirit, one man decided to treat himself to some new nails.

Taking to TikTok, Adam Birks (@adambirks_) posted a video of his new look, explaining that he didn’t go to his usual nail shop.

In the clip, Adam can be seen taking his follower to the nail salon with him as he showed off his bare hands.

A man has gone viral after showing off his Christmas nails
A man has gone viral after showing off his Christmas nails. Picture: TikTok @adambirks_

As the technician got to work, she painted a different design on each nail including candy cane stripes and a snowflake.

Adding a crying emoji he added the caption: “I had to go to a different nail shop and asked for Christmas nails, I’m in shock.”

The video has now gone viral, with over five million people watching the transformation.

While the patterns were generally well recieved, people were shocked by how thick the nails were.

“As a nail tech I’m really bothered by the shape and bulkiness,” said one person, while another wrote: “They look like bricks.”

Adam Birks has gone viral on TikTok
Adam Birks has gone viral on TikTok. Picture: TikTok @adambirks_

A third said: “They nail art is good just not the shape,” while a fourth added: “No no no I’d go back an ask for my money back.”

Someone else said: "Art work is super cute. But revoltingly long and horrible shape for me personally."

But there were plenty of people who loved Adam’s nails as well, with one TikToker replying: "Everyone’s hating but i think they’re so cute!"

"I think they’re cute and she did a great job," wrote a second, while someone else agreed: “She obviously knows how to do her job and people need to stop complaining."

And it seems Adam absolutely loves his design, as he wrote back in the comments: “I love how mad everyone is over MY nails, I love them so.”

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