The Body Coach Joe Wicks accidentally posts a naked video on Instagram

6 September 2019, 08:04 | Updated: 6 September 2019, 08:15

Mared Parry

By Mared Parry

The hunky fitness coach was enjoying some time away and showed off way more than he intended when on the trip.

Joe Wicks has revealed a little more to his fanbase than they were expecting on his Instagram account.

The 32-year-old TV presenter and fitness coach has been enjoying some time at a retreat on the beach in Devon, and gave his 2.8 million fans a flash of him fully in the nude.

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Joe posed on the beach in Devon and looked incredible
Joe posed on the beach in Devon and looked incredible. Picture: Intragram
Joe showed fans more than they expected yesterday
Joe showed fans more than they expected yesterday. Picture: Instagram

Father-of-one Joe left absolutely nothing to the imagination as he gave a tour of his apartment, and was seemingly unaware of his completely naked reflection in the window when he panned to show off the view.

The clip, which has been left on his stories for the full 24 hours, is captioned "Feel like I've woke up in another country" a nod to the stunning views.

He then gets up out of bed and pans across, giving fans a flash of his body in the reflection.

Either Joe, who is happily married to wife Rosie, isn't bothered at all by what he's posted or he simply has not noticed the gaffe as he hasn't taken the video down.

The ripped health and wellness guru posted a shirtless selfie detailing what an amazing time he's had at the retreat, saying:

"Just been on a reccy to this amazing place called @gararockhotel in Devon.

"I’m exploring the idea of having a Body Coach Retreat in the UK next year!

"My main objective is to create an incredible experience which will leave people feeling happy, energised, inspired and motivated."

Joe continued: "The biggest challenge is getting the costs down so it’s affordable and accessible for people.

"If I were to hold a Friday to Sunday wellness retreat what would you want to see and how much would you expect to pay?"

Joe and Rosie, who wed at the end of June this year, are expecting their second child in January 2020.

They're already parents to one-year-old daughter Indie.

They announced the news in a sweet picture shared on Instagram, in a family selfie which shows Joe holding Indie and Rosie proudly displaying her bump.

They captioned the snap: "Weeeeeee’re having another baby. We are very happy and excited to grow our family.

"We don’t know the sex and won’t find out but Rosie is now 19 weeks pregnant so Indie will be getting a little brother or sister in January."

Joe's representatives have been contacted by Heart for comment.